Gmail & Google Drive Merged To Add Up To 10GB Attachments

Today Google have announced that you can now add attachments from your Google Drive account to an email composed in Gmail. Services that can send large attachments are nothing new, for example YouSendIt has been around for a long time, allowing users to send attachments of up to 100MB with a free account. But attachments need to be uploaded to the YouSendIt web portal. This means that the process isn’t exactly seamless, in fact it’s quite clunky and confusing for a lot of users.

From today you will be able to add attachments from your Google Drive account of up to a mahoosive 10GB. That is crazy! Just imagine what you could share via email with this storage limit; an entire photo album, a full length movie, a whole folder full of hundreds of documents. Plus, if you’re already a Google Drive user then the likelihood is that all of your files are already in the cloud so there is no messing around, everything is just a buttons click away.

The Google Drive attachments are basically a glorified way of sharing documents easily from your Google Drive account to another person. So its important that the person you are sending the file(s) too actually has access to the file(s) you’re sending. Luckily Google have you covered so that if you attach a Google Drive file, Gmail will check the file(s) and warn you if the recipient doesn’t have access to them.

This is another great step in Google bringing together all of their awesome services like Google+, Gmail & Google Drive. All we need now is a Linux client for Google Drive. COME ON GOOGLE, GET A MOVE ON!!

All images have come thanks to the official Gmail blog as I haven’t got the option to attach Google Drive files yet. So thanks Google!

Gmail & Google Drive Merged To Add Up To 10GB Attachments
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