Give Your Site An Ubuntu Look With The InfoWay WordPress Theme


WordPress is a great way of making amazing websites with relative ease. In my experience of creating WordPress based websites, I’ve always found that selecting the right theme is always the hardest part of making a site – getting the content in is easy, because what’s the point in making a website if you have nothing to say right?

So what if you’re an Ubuntu fan like myself and want a ready made theme that will let your readers know instantly that your website is all about Ubuntu, but still giving your site the originality it deserves? Well, the InfoWay WordPress theme might just be the perfect theme for you.


There are two versions of the InfoWay WordPress theme available, a free version which just in only the Orange version (shown above) and doesn’t some of the more advanced theme features like a homepage slider. You can also head over to InkThemes (makers of the InfoWay WordPress theme) to purchase the full version for $45. This has many more features available including different colours, a homepage slider and also an app for taking business leads.

All of the standard features for many free themes are available however, you can obviously add a blog, commenting, pages and of course plugins are all available in the InfoWay WordPress theme. You can also change the header image to anything you like, I also really like the orange “announcement banner” at the top of the page, which cleverly intergrates the social icons to the left.

Below is a video displaying some of the features of the InfoWay WordPress theme within a development site I have created. The only change I have made is to add the Ubuntu polka-dot background that we all know and love. If you want this background as well you can download it from here. The background image is easily changed from the theme options menu.

The lack of features like a homepage slider really isn’t an issue as you can easily add them using plugins like Responsive Slider. The InfoWay WordPress theme really is an excellent theme for any one who is looking to create an Ubuntu centric website/blog, or for anyone who simply likes the colour orange.

Do you have a WordPress plugin, theme or widget that you would like us to look at? If so, why not get in touch and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Give Your Site An Ubuntu Look With The InfoWay WordPress Theme
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  • Koren @ City Gal

    Is there a way to modify with CSS the orange color in the free version? I don’t need any of the other premium features.

    • Kev Quirk

      Since you have access to the code of the theme, you would physically be able to change any code you like, in order to customise the theme to your liking. However, you would need to check under what license the theme is being distributed, as changing the code may breach the themes license.