GIMP, or the GNU Image Manipulation Program as others may well know it are re-naming/re-branding themselves to “CHIMP”. In a post on the official GIMP Magazine website they have confirmed that GIMP will in fact be renaming itself over the next few weeks. So why is GIMP renamed to CHIMP?*

ChimpWhy the re-brand?

Well, in short we don’t know. Within the article the folks at The GIMP Magazine say that there are more details within the latest issue of the magazine however, the links to the editions are currently broken. Se we can but speculate what the guys at GIMP HQ have decided to re-brand.*

We’ll be keeping an eye on the GIMP Magazine website, and as soon as the links are working, we’ll update you guys with more details. So hold tight! In the meantime, why not tell us what you think about the re-brand. Is it a good idea or are they breaking an established open source brand? Don’t forget to share this breaking news using the buttons below.


Obviously this was an April fools joke on the part of The GIMP Magazine. This isn’t true and to our knowledge GIMP is not going to be renamed to CHIMP.

* We’ll give you a clue…check the date of publish. :-)

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  • waan

    Wow, i thinks that’s true but “April joke” ??? :)