Ghost hits its Kickstarter target in 24 hours. Let’s take it too the next level!

Ghost DashAs predicted in my post yesterday were we announced that the Ghost blogging platform had started a new Kickstarter campaign; in just 24 hours they have already smashed their target of £25,000. So what’s next for Ghost?

Taking Ghost to the next level…

In a Kickstarter update to people who have pledged; Ghost creator, John O’Nolan gave a lot more information about what the stretch goals will be for the Ghost project – and I have to say it’s very exciting! Quite rightly John says that simply giving all pledges a t-shirt if they hit a stretch goal isn’t good enough so he’s set his sights high at £250,000. Considering they have already hit nearly £60,000, I don’t really think that this will be much of a problem.

Now, rather than regurgitating what John had to say in the email, I think it would be best if I give you the details straight from the horses mouth as John has said it better than I ever could. Let’s take a look at the email update I received today:

Project Update #1: Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform by John O’Nolan

Things I didn’t think I’d be saying on day 1 of launching the Ghost Kickstarter campaign:

“It has been 12 hours since launch. We are 120% funded.”

And yet, there I was – last night – saying those somewhat absurd words to my computer screen. I can’t truly express how grateful I am to everyone who has supported this project so far. I know, most Kickstarter updates from project creators say the same thing… but I’m now beginning to understand why. It truly is a humbling experience.

Partners & Themes

I’m incredibly proud to announce that both WooThemes and Envato have joined the official Ghost Partner List. Please allow me 20 seconds to tell you why that’s something you should be seriously excited about:

WooThemes are the single biggest WordPress themes company in the world. They have a reputation not just for making some of the best themes in the world, but also an incredible focus on design and quality. Best of all, they aren’t just giving us money – they’re converting a whole buch of Woo-Themes to Ghost-Themes.

Envato are the company behind many biggest things in the world when it comes to blogging and publishing. The Tutsplus Network, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, Rockable Press… it’s practically impossible that you haven’t already run into their products. We will be working with Envato to establish a vibrant and healthy ecosystem around Ghost to reach as many end users as possible. 

Stretch Goals & What’s Next

A lot of people have been asking about stretch goals – so it’s time to talk about the real, big picture vision for Ghost. The one that I’m really passionate about.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to say something like “if we hit £100,000″ everyone gets a t-shirt. Those things are lame. You didn’t come here for a damn t-shirt – and I think, after raising £30,000 in 1 day, £100,000 isn’t pushing the boundaries for a stretch goal. Stretch goals should… be a stretch.

There is the potential for this to turn into a very real, very tangible open source publishing movement that doesn’t just affect small blogs. A movement of people who care about writing, publishing, journalism, and sustainable software. You already know that we won’t be making any profit, if we make more money – we’ll use 100% of it to make Ghost better.

So here’s a stretch goal. One single, incredibly ambitious, stretch. It won’t be easy, but I don’t think it’s out of the question.


If we hit £250,000 Ghost will be upgraded to the next level

First - Every single backer will receive 1 year free on our hosted service. 

You’ll have the full Ghost software with all bells, whistles, themes, plugins, and some extras that you wouldn’t normally get if you hosted it elsewhere – things like automatic updates without needing to do anything, automatic backups, and really great support. You’ll get this in addition to any amount of time already included for free on your current reward level.

Second - We will launch the Open Ghost Marketplace within the next 12 months

If we hit this level, we can fast track one of our longer term plans to upgrade the Ghost community website to enterprise level. Offering – in effect – an open source App Store to serve as the home for all Ghost themes, plugins and products. This will give all our users an incredibly easy place to go to find themes, plugins and products built on top of Ghost – and our developers an amazing place to release and market their products.

Third - We will build an Open Source Digital Magazine curating stories written with Ghost

This is where we commit to eating our own dog food. We’re saying Ghost is going to be great for blogging? Let’s create one of the world’s best blogs. Think Medium – but completely decentralised. The code for the actual site will also be made public, allowing everyone to see, use, replicate, improve, and hack what we use to power it.

We’ll do all of this, while remaining open source and non-profit.

It won’t cost you anything extra, but only you can make this happen.

Stretch goals, by and large, are about just how many people are willing to back a project. You’ve already backed us – you’ve done your part (thank you!). Now it’s a case of how many people we can get to notice Ghost. If you want all of the above to happen – we need you to share Ghost with your friends, family members and colleagues and encourage them to get involved.

Seth Godin has backed Ghost. Leo Babauta of Zen Habits has backed Ghost. Our advisory board has grown to include Darren Rowse – ProBlogger himself – in addition to Frederick Townes (Founding CTO of Mashable), Adii Pienaar (Founder/CEO of WooThemes) and Vitaly Friedman (CEO of Smashing Magazine). We have people running the biggest blogs in the world helping us make Ghost a reality.

This has never happened before.

And it’s in your hands.

***End of email***

How awesome is that then guys! Literally I can’t express how excited I am about the new Ghost project, as all bloggers will be I imagine. The fact that huge names like Woo Themes and Envato are jumping on board shows the massive kudos that John and his team deserves for Ghost.

So guys, as John said, this is literally in our hands now. I’ve already contributed but I will probably be increasing my contribution to try and help out as much as possible. If you’re a blogger or have any kind of vested interest in blogging then I can’t urge you enough to get on board with Ghost. This literally has the ability to completely change the way we all blog forever! Will you be joining in?

You can get the word out about Ghost using social networks, emails, and of course word of mouth. Please do share this as it’s an awesome project. You can quickly and easily share this article using the grey social media buttons below. Let’s try and support John and his team in making Ghost as awesome as it can possibly be!

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Ghost hits its Kickstarter target in 24 hours. Let’s take it too the next level!
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