Ghost Blogging Platform Launches To The Public

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On a number of occasions now, I’ve written about the exciting news surrounding the new, simplistic blogging platform, Ghost. After a long old road, the Ghost team have today announced the first public development release of the Ghost blogging platform.

This Is Just The Beginning

I was actually one of the Kickstarter backers of Ghost, so I’ve been privy to the development release for a few weeks now, and I have to say, it’s amazing how simple the Ghost blogging platform is. Being a development release, it’s obviously not as feature rich as other content management systems like WordPress, but it’s not suppose to be. The whole point of Ghost is to put the focus back on your writing, not the bells and whistles.

In the announcement blog post, Ghost top dog, John O’Nolan explains a little bit about the project, how you can sign up, he also lists some of the many ways in which you can get a Ghost blog up and running right now.

It was less than a year ago that I first published my idea for a simpler blogging platform. I can’t believe how far we’ve come already, and the incredible support we’ve had at every step of the way.

This first public release of Ghost represents code contributions from over 20 people, from every continent on earth with the exception of Antarctica (we’re working on that one). We have successfully created the world’s first fully functioning blogging platform built entirely with JavaScript.

Ghost-BlogAlready Ghost is a big success, the team intend to offer up Ghost hosting in the next few weeks, where you can pay for them to host your very own Ghost blog, kind of like, except there will be a small charge. Being a backer, I will hopefully be getting early access, and 3 months free hosting – so be sure you keep your eye on RefuGeeks, as we will have all the news on the Ghost blogging platform.

If you don’t want to wait until the official Ghost hosting is live, then you could head on over to Digitial Ocean, and setup one of their pre-made Ghost droplets, or even head over to, a 3rd party Ghost hosting company. If it were me personally though, I’d wait for the official hosting to open, and support this amazing project by purchasing a hosting account with them.

Are you a blogger that’s intending to switch to Ghost? Or have you already tried the Ghost blogging platform? Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below…and don’t forget to head on over to to sign up and download the latest dev build.

Ghost Blogging Platform Launches To The Public
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