Getting Your Blogger Blog Noticed

This is the last article in our Blogger series. By now you should have a pretty awesome looking Blogger blog that’s customised to the hilt and looking really cool. But what’s the point in doing all this work if no one comes and reads your articles? So today we’re going to be looking at driving traffic to your Blogger blog and getting it noticed.

Get social…

Social media is one of the best chances you have of getting noticed. Many of us use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ on a daily basis. Always ensure that you share links to your articles on your social network accounts as Public posts. Where possible, always ensure that applicable hashtags are included so that people who aren’t connected to you in social media may still have a chance of seeing your posts.

Tweet Kevs catsOver time your blog will become more popular and you will inevitably get more followers on your social networking sites. Therefore, as you share future posts on social networks you will quickly get more and more recognition for your work and therefore more visits. People will then re-share your posts and from there, it’s like a snowball effect for visitors. Social networking is extremely important for us bloggers.

You should have already added social network integration to your blog using my previous post about sidebar gadgets. So once you’ve written and published a post, always remember to share it on your social networks as well. Hootsuite is a great way to share to multiple social networking sites in one go.

It’s not just about sharing!

Posting a link on your social networking sites isn’t the only thing you need to do though, social networks are all about engagement so always ensure that you interact with the people who have taken the time to comment on your posts so that they don’t feel ignored.

This will also encourage more conversation and drive more traffic to your site. After all, everyone likes to chat about things they are interested in.

 It’s all about SEO…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is just as important, (if not more so) than sharing your posts on social networks. However, it’s not quite as simple as sharing a links on your social sites.

First of all you need to prepare your Blogger blog for inclusion on search engines like Google. To do this, head to the settings page of your blog and select Search Preferences. In this window you need to fill in a description for your site. This should include keywords that are applicable to your blog. Here is an example for my Cat blog:

Kev’s Cats is a blog all about my 6 month old Ragdoll cat Saffie. I love cats and wanted to share my love for them. Welcome to Kev’s Cats!

You only have a limit of 150 characters so make sure you use them well. Notice how I have worked in my blog title twice as well as the word “cat” on a number of occasions. This is important because I want people to search for terms like “cat blog” and see my blogger blog.

Now that we have our description setup, we need to submit our site to Google so that they start crawling our blog and displaying it in relevant searches. Submitting a site to Google is extremely easy. just click on this link, fill in your blog address and anti-spam words and click submit. Job done, Google will now start crawling your site.

Google submissionThere is a hell of a lot of information and research you can do on SEO, some of which specifically designed for Blogger can be found here. If you work hard on SEO then the results can be excellent. I’ve worked very hard on the SEO for RefuGeeks and now search engine referrals make up around 65% of the total traffic that visits RefuGeeks.

Keeping fresh, regular content on your site is also very important to getting good search engine rankings. If possible, aim to write a new post at least a couple of times a week. If you get to the point like RefuGeeks were you are adding numerous posts every day then that is very good for SEO.


You now have everything you need to start blogging. I hope you have enjoyed this series and hope you have learnt something. Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below or ask any questions you might have in our forums.

By the way, I have no use for this cat blog any more, so if anyone wants to take ownership of it please contact us and I will transfer ownership over to you. I doubt anyone will want it, but the offer is there if you do. :)

Getting Your Blogger Blog Noticed
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