Get To Know Firefox OS With “Building Firefox OS” (Website)

We’ve reported on Firefox OS regularly since it was announced in the middle of 2012, and today we’re going to be reporting on yet another sneak preview of Firefox OS right from your browser.

We’ve already told you how you can try Firefox OS in Linux and on the Raspberry Pi but now using a pretty cool website dubbed “Building Firefox OS”, you can try Firefox OS straight from your browser.

Not quite the real thing

Before you go rushing off and get too excited, it’s not quite the real thing. It’s simply a collection of CSS scripts that allows you to get a feel for what common functions like taking phone calls, opening apps and switching tasks will feel like whilst running Firefox OS.

Firefox OS Browser Demo

As well as this pretty cool feature of displaying a demo of Firefox OS, if you’re an app developer you can also get information on styling options for your apps, as well as code for some re-usable UI components like buttons, headers and tabs.

Firefox OS Common Controls


Basically, Building Firefox OS is a must have bookmark for anyone who is interested in getting to know Firefox OS at a deeper level and also for developers. It’s certainly an exciting time to be in the technology industry.

Will Firefox OS stack up against the big hitters like Android and iOS? Tell us your thoughts in the comments…

Get To Know Firefox OS With “Building Firefox OS” (Website)
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  • françois kevin Bile Ebelle

    it’s nice to get out of new technologies, but they thought about the security? Because this system is web-apps based that work in conjunction with servers, and these servers are likely to be hacked, hence the question about the protection of privacy and personal data.

    • Kev Quirk

      I’m sure they’ve considered security just as much as any other online company. After all it is paramount.