Get A Tamagotchi On Your Android Device With TamaDroid



I’m sure I’m not the only 90′s child reading this post that had the massively popular keychain pet, Tamagotchi. If however, you are not a 90′s child and you thought that Tamagotchi was some kind of rare sushi then I will explain what it was…

The Tamagotchi was a digital pet that fit right in your pocket; and as it’s incredibly mature 10 year old owner, it was your job to feed, clean and care for your pet. If you were a loving parent then over time your pet would grow older and “evolve” into ever changing shapes. The Tamagotchi was a very simple but very addictive game using a very low resolution LCD display and only three buttons.

A few days ago a friend and I were discussing Tamagotchi’s and I wondered if there was an Android app that allowed me to re-live my youth and have a digital pet once more. I found TamaDroid!

TamaDroid isn’t free, but it’s only £1.10 so it certainly won’t break the bank. There are many other “digital pet” games for Android but this is by far the closest one to the original Tamagotchi. A number of reviewers on the Play Store asked for the graphics to be updated, but I think the pixelated classic look of TamaDroid is exactly how it should be.

As with the original game, you need to feed, clean and care for your digital pet and in turn over time it will grow up and evolve. If you don’t look after it properly then it will become unhealthy and eventually die. **sad face**

TamaDroid is a great app that will let children of the 1990′s (and the present day of course) really re-live their youth. If you want to install TamaDroid yourself then the links to the Google Play store and a QR code to scan on your device are below.

TamaDroid on the Google Play Store

TamaDroid QR

Get A Tamagotchi On Your Android Device With TamaDroid
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