Five More Titles Added To Humble Bundle For Android 4

A few days ago I wrote about the latest offering from the Humble Bundle team. Since announcing the original six titles in my original article, the Humble Bundle team have decided to give you guys even more value for money by adding a further 5 titles to the line up! All you need to do to get these titles is donate anything above the average donation, which at the time of writing this article is just $6.28 – not much for 11 awesome games is it?

Speaking of which, here’s what you get…

Avadon: The Black Fortress

Avadon: The Black Fortress is the RPG fantasy saga from Jeff Vogel’s Spiderweb Software, an indie studio well-known for sprawling experiences and intricate plots. It layers on the best of classic RPG elements to create a true epic: four classes, hundreds of items, dozens of spells and abilities, secret quests, and multiple endings.

* Note: Due to the intricate nature of the game, the Android version is tablet-only. Avadon does not have a soundtrack to include.

[youtube id="lfGsVfAV7MA" width="600" height="350"]


Canabalt is the sublime, indie parkour platformer by Adam Saltsman. It involves running through a city during an alien invasion and jumping from rooftop-to-rooftop. The desktop versions on Windows, Mac, and Linux feature a 2-player hotseat mode formerly exclusive to the Winnitron arcade machine. The Android version includes optional 3D effects, making the pixels pop like never before. The soundtrack to Canabalt, created by the inimitable Danny Baranowsky, is included for all purchasers of the Humble Bundle for Android 4.

[youtube id="LD-S_XhlLWI" width="600" height="350"]


Cogs is a much-lauded 3D puzzle game that gives the player mechanical structures that need to be fixed in order to function properly. The puzzles involve creating the right arrangement of gears, pipes, and other Victorian-esque technologies in order to strike bells, turn propellers, and channel steam.

[youtube id="lZzWVkJ5fZk" width="600" height="350"]

Swords & Soldiers HD

Swords & Soldiers HD is a vibrant, side-scrolling strategy game. It features tight, balanced gameplay and is perfect for gamers seeking a fun, casual, strategy experience. Players must spawn the right units to gather resources and overrun the opponent’s base, and the included soundtrack will fill your headphones with the drama of battle. Three diverse factions, multiplayer, and challenge modes provide gobs of colourful gameplay!

[youtube id="Y8BqOGKGKas" width="600" height="350"]

Zen Bound 2

Zen Bound 2 is a ground-breaking, meditative puzzler that defies convention. Players are given a wooden figurine, which must be wrapped in twine through a process of creative rotation. The twine triggers splashes of paint that cover the ornament, and players are loosely rewarded for using as little twine as possible to cover the object. Zen Bound 2has been an iOS best-seller, and we’re thrilled to be providing it once more on Android. Customers will also receive the excellent game soundtrack Bound along with the remix soundtrack, Rebound.

[youtube id="2YtYfXzWisk" width="600" height="350"]

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Five More Titles Added To Humble Bundle For Android 4
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