Five Fantastic Apps For Business People On The Move

If you are a businessperson on the go, you are going to want to access certain information and perform various tasks as easily as possible.  A host of new and exciting apps have been developed with just you in mind.  New apps are developed and released every day and there are a staggering number to choose from.  With applications, certain ones trend for a while but prove not to have the stamina of some older favourites.  As it is hard to keep abreast of every new app that comes out, we have here provided a shortlist of five of the best and most useful current applications for you to use wherever you are.  Some are free and some cost a little, but all of them are worth having.

TurboScan – £1.49

How often have you wished you could scan a document for an email on the go, but not had a scanner with you?  It is easy to recognise this inexpensive app is a good investment.  It works brilliantly with a sophisticated algorithm which auto-corrects perspective and focus.

 Facebook Pages – Free

For many businesses keeping ahead of social media is a central marketing strategy.  To keep people interested new content must be generated constantly, not only when you are out of the office.  This app means you can communicate with your fanbase wherever you are.

Battery Boost – Free

It doesn’t matter how many terrific apps you have if your battery runs out, and the more you have running the quicker it will go flat.  This useful app will keep your battery going longer and is worth the download for that alone. A great alternative for Android is Juice Defender.

Adobe Reader – Free

It’s not glamorous or even particularly fun, but Adobe Reader is an essential and reliable way to view PDF files on smartphones, a common file type in the business field.  It is incredibly frustrating to download an important document only not to have the software to open it.  Worry about it before it becomes a problem.  A necessity.

Voice Translate Pro – 69p (for now)

Now this is a cool gizmo, and it works.  It’s also on sale for an unspecified time.  Speak clearly into your phone in your native tongue, and the appropriate sounds will come back out in a desired language.  With more than a hundred to choose from you won’t be stuck when travelling for business. Good fun and genuinely constructive app.


About the Author

Guest post by John Pring. He is currently freelancing for numerous companies, including a high profile site aimed at improving contract and handset deals for business mobile phone customers.

Five Fantastic Apps For Business People On The Move
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