Firefox OS Is Running On The Raspberry Pi

Mozilla’s new smartphone OS, Firefox OS isn’t due to be released until 2013 but it is already running on the Raspberry Pi. In a post on their blog, the team behind the project show us a video in which Firefox OS is running on the Raspberry Pi. In the video it showcases the running of some HD animations at 60fps. There is also an early iteration of the new home screen and some of the animations we can expect to see in Firefox OS. The Raspberry Pi blog posts says:

Oleg Romashin has got a long way already with a port of the open-platform OS to the Raspberry Pi. Firefox OS is scheduled to release some time in 2013; we’re excited to see it’ll be an option for the Raspberry Pi, and it’s fascinating watching work like this progress. In the video below you’ll see Gecko runtime doing its thing, along with some WebGL animations at 60fps.

If you want to join in and try your hand at running Firefox OS on your Raspberry Pi, Oleg Romashin, principle engineer at Nokia has kindly made it available as a tarball archive here.

[youtube id="9f_Y7HoTFLQ" width="600" height="350"]
Firefox OS Is Running On The Raspberry Pi
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