Find More Out About The People You’re Emailing With Rapportive

Rapportive is a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox & Safari that replaces the Gmail ads that are displayed down the right of the screen with some really useful information about the person you are emailing.

Rapportive will display information like social network links, a photo and some information about the person you are emailing, like where they work and what they do for a living.

The best thing about Rapportive is that the person you are emailing doesn’t even have to be using Rapportive for it to work. It uses the social networks registered to an email address and also the website associated with a domain to display information about the recipient. To the right is an example of my Rapportive display.

People with privacy concerns don’t worry. Rapportive ties in with the applicable privacy settings on your social networks so if something isn’t public then Rapportive won’t be able to see it. You can also pick and choose which social networks are connected to your Rapportive profile.

With Rapportive you can also do things like add notes about the person you are emailing (these are only visible to you) and connect with there social networks directly from Gmail.

If you’re like me and you have numerous email accounts that’s not a problem either. You can ‘claim’ numerous email accounts so that they are all associated with the same Rapportive profile.

So not only does Rapportive replace the annoying Gmail ads, it actually replaces it with something extremely useful. If I’m not on my machine and I sign into to Gmail it feels really strange to load up an email and not see some information about the person I’m emailing.

Rapportive works with both Gmail and Google Apps. If you’re a social person then the Rapportive extension is an absolute must. Rapportive is available in the Chrome, Firefox and Safari extension ‘stores’. Just search for “Rapportive”.

….oh yeah, it’s also free!

Find More Out About The People You’re Emailing With Rapportive
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  • Andrew McGlashan

    It would be good if it was available as a TB extenion ;)

    • Kev Quirk

      I hadn’t considered that. It really would be awesome if they did that. I think the likelihood of this happening though are pretty slim unfortunately.