Ferrari Enzo Smart Phone Controlled RC Car Review

Recently I was looking for some random accessories for my iPhone and I discovered that there are so many different accessories you can buy. I came across some plunger shaped stands to wireless speakers shaped like a duck. The best accessory I noticed was the Silverlit Smart Phone Remote Control Ferrari Enzo.  This 1:50 scale RC Car is fantastic and it stands out from your normal RC Toys, and here’s why:


I used to be a big fan of RC Toys until I got bored with it all being a bit too similar every time, but the Enzo is completely different as the remote is your smart phone which opens up a whole new world of RC Racing. The car is brilliantly designed and it’s great to use too, it’s as if Ferrari manufactured it themselves!

At first I thought the car would be horrifically slow and feel like a waste of money, but like most of my assumptions, I was wrong. Once the car was all setup and ready to go, I found myself racing around the kitchen floor at pretty decent speeds. I’m not saying the car is like a rocket, but it’s fast enough for you to enjoy yourself. The car is controlled via how you hold your phone, for instance if you wanted to go forward you just tilt the phone forward, this makes it really easy to control. The handling isn’t too bad either, it responds very quickly and doesn’t slide around.

The app that you use to control the car is free to download from the app store. It is designed to look like the dashboard of a real Ferrari Enzo. When you start the car up, you will feel the rumble in your hands as that engine makes a roaring noise.

All in all, this little car is fantastic and totally worth the £30 or so. However, if you’re looking for something a bit bigger then you can get this car in a 1:16 scale model too! A great stocking filler for Christmas!

Ferrari Enzo Smart Phone Controlled RC Car Review
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  • Rooting Android

    Great app!, now I can control my RC using only my smart phone. Is there a version of this app for Android running mobile device?