Fedora Day One: Installation

So far my first day with Fedora 18 has been quite a pleasant experience. However, I’ve been doing nothing but installing and configuring the OS instead of actually doing any real work. So far I have all my data moved over, some applications installed, and some basic tweaks to the system.


Overall I found the installation of Fedorato be fairly straightforward, however I did find the partitioning tool to be very counter productive. It’s completely different to that of the familiar Ubuntu one I’m used too, the whole process seemed overly convoluted and confusing. I would have rather had the manual way that is found on the likes of Ubuntu server installations that the process involved during Fedora. However this was only a short inconvenience rather than a deal breaker. I quickly got past it and the installation was a cinch.

fedora partition


Shortly after the installation, I was greeted to a surprisingly nice login screen. I don’t remember if it was the same as the one found in Ubuntu Gnome, but I don’t remember being all that impressed with the login screen when I used Ubuntu Gnome a few months ago.

Once logged in I had a very basic looking desktop. The default wallpaper on Fedora 18 is pleasant enough but everything else was stock Gnome Shell…which incidentally I think is horrendous. There are some beautiful themes that are available for Gnome Shell,and they only take a matter of minuted to download and apply. So I’m not sure why the Fedora team haven’t haven’t bothered to have one.

I suppose one could argue that they want the OS to be a simple base install and it’s the user responsibility to customise the OS. However, it would be nice to see some kind of Fedora theme IMHO.

Right out of the box absolutely everything is working perfectly, sound, wi-fi, graphics; all are present and correct. I have an AMD A6 chip in my laptop and under my previous Elementary OS Luna install, I had a bug whereby screenshots were not working. I logged a bug with the Elementary team only to be told this is a problem with the Linux AMD drivers. The weird thing is that the screenshot issue isn’t present in Fedora 18, so I’m not really sure what to make of that (and yes, I do have the AMD driver installed). Maybe one of you guys can shed some light on that for me?

Default Desktop

My default Fedora 18 desktop

After a while I noticed that my wireless seemed to be very slow. I did a speed test and I was only getting 5Mbps down and 2Mbps up. Considering I have fibre optic broadband which is usually around 40Mbps down and 10Mbps up – this was a problem. I did a speed test with another device and it was far higher, so I knew it was a driver issue. A quick Google search and this guide soon fixed that problem though. Ten minutes and a reboot later, all was well.

All in all, my first day has been successful and nowhere near as frustrating as I thought it was. Fedora 18 is a basic OS, but some (including myself) may like that as it gives users that may not be brave enough to try something like Arch to still get the feeling that they have control over their system.

So far I’m happy and very comfortable with Fedora 18. Please come back tomorrow were I will be talking about some of the customisations and changes I will be making to the system to make it work better for me.

Are you a Fedora user, or maybe you’re thinking about trying a similar experiment as me? I’d love to hear your thoughts/experiences.

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Fedora Day One: Installation
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