Facebook Messenger, may be the best SMS alternative

A lot of applications have been created around a single need, the need to stay connected using SMS. Years ago, when cellular phones became SMS enabled, a lot of people started using them, first the young ones, then later as they started to grow up, more people started using SMS as a way to stay connected.

Why is SMS so appealing?

Well, they are cheaper than a phone call and they are not as disrupting as a phone call. A phone call is a very intrusive things, it basically shouts “SOMEONE WANTS TO SPEAK TO YOU NOW!” when ever it rings. SMS doesn’t do that, it allows you to respond at your leisure without being disturbed.

Later RIM (the makers of Blackberry) introduced the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) application, and all Blackberry users loved it. Here in Latin America, Blackberry is still strong among young people mainly due to BBM. But, because BBM works only on Blackberries, it is not as good as it could be with more and more people going to other platforms like Android. So, WhatsApp came to the rescue, and now it is the most used texting app across all major smartphone operating systems.

Why Facebook Messenger?

What is new about Facebook Messenger? Well, it does not differ too much from other applications, you can use it on most devices (iOS, Android, and Blackberry are all supported). But the good thing for me is that you can also use it on the PC. Who wants to be typing on the phone (even on a Blackberry or an Android with SwiftKey) if you have a full sized keyboard you can use?

Also, another good thing is that it is not tied to your phone number, meaning you can use it on pretty much any device that has a browser, just logon to Facebook and away you go. It is really universal, all you need is to have a Facebook account, and even if you do not like Facebook you can create one just to use the messenger, you do not have to post anything to your timeline.

There are other alternatives such as Google Talk and Mighty Text, but none are as diverse or have the market penetration as Facebook Messenger with it’s millions of users worldwide. Maybe Google+ (and therefore Google Talk) will get there one day (hopefully!), but as of yet, Facebook still dominates the internet.


Well, at least to me, the perfect messaging application for mobiles would be one that is not tied to one phone, one that is 100% cross platform and one you can use even on your PC. Finally it should be one that your loved ones use so you use can to stay in touch. Currently Facebook Messenger is the only platform (to my knowledge) that can tick every one of these boxes.

What do you think? Are there other apps that you can use to stay in touch better than with Facebook? If so, feel free to shout out in the comment section below.

Facebook Messenger, may be the best SMS alternative
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