Facebook Email Change Causes Huge Problems

I am sure that most of the people reading this article use Facebook in one form or another, so this will effect almost all of you…

Over the last few days, Facebook have silently changed the email address on everyone’s profile from their actual email address to an @facebook.com address. Most of you may be thinking “so what?”. Well, a lot of us have smartphones now and if you are a Facebook user, you will inevitably have the Facebook app on your phone, what you may not know is that your Facebook contacts are synced and merged with your phone contacts by default. So if someone updates their Facebook profile with a new email address, your phone will be updated also.

The knock on effect of this is that you could lose most, if not all of your contacts email addresses. This is a very wide spread and frustrating problem for many people already, Adobe employee Rachel Luxemburg writes on her personal blog:

[quote]Today, a co-worker discovered that his contact info for me had been silently updated to overwrite my work e-mail address with my Facebook e-mail address. He discovered this only after sending work e-mails to the wrong address. And even worse, the e-mails are not actually in my Facebook messages. I checked. They’ve vanished into the ether. For all I know, I could be missing a lot more e-mails from friends, colleagues, or family members, and never even know it.[/quote]

As you can see this can at the very least be frustrating and at worst, mean that you lose the contact details of a lot (if not all) of your contacts. I would strongly suggest that you jump on to your Facebook profiles and change the Email address back to your correct address.

How can Facebook think that this is ok to do to their users? Clearly they don’t give a damn about their users feelings – all they want to do is force Facebook products on users. To me this is totally unacceptable and I for one am glad that I don’t use Facebook in my personal life. What about you guys, have you been affected by this? Leave your comments below…

Facebook Email Change Causes Huge Problems
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  • Andrew McGlashan

    My primary email on facebook is unchanged, but I do have a facebook email there too. Not sure if this effect me or not.