EU Copyright Reform Puts the World to Work

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If you’ve ever wanted to put your mark on the internet, now’s the time. The public has been complaining year after year that copyright law, it its current format, simply isn’t suited for the digital world. Worse, it heavily favors commercial organizations like publishers and record companies. Because of this, the European Union (EU) is working to overhaul copyright law – and they need your input. Well, perhaps not you specifically, but someone like you if you happen to be otherwise occupied or unconcerned, which ironically the record company hopes you are.

The process is pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, like all things governmental, it’s also way out there in the land of bureaucracy. How far, you ask? Well, the questionnaire is a staggering 80 questions long. “Wait,” you say. “80 questions, what the!?!”

Not to worry. Some of our intrepid and daring internet friends have compiled a quick list of checkboxes to let you know what you need to as quickly as possible. Others are a bit more along the lines of the Pirate Party (the Swedish one, if you missed it), and so detail exactly what you’ll want to know, and where to go for that.

More importantly, the debate is open to the whole world. For Europe, this means a big step forward in terms of both the weight of the European Union, and also how they are perceived by the rest of the world as a consumer of technology and all of the related copyrights and infringements that come with it.

EU Copyright Reform Puts the World to Work
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