Elementary OS Team Launch New Folder Icons For Luna


Yesterday it was announced on the Elementary OS journal (blog) that the Elementary artwork elves have been at it again and they have released an updated version of the hugely popular icon theme especially for Luna.

EOS LogoWithin the post, DanRabbit, the Elementary project leader went on to elaborate as to why they have decided to implement the new look folder icons:

“The last revision of folder icons landed in our icon set several years ago, and it shows. They still carry a very Web 2.0 glossy feel and an oddly cloudy blue-gray.”

So what do the new folder icons look like? Well, the truth is, not a lot different. However, they do look a lot more refined and modern than their older brothers. Here is a look at a comparison between the old folder icons and the new:

eOS Icons Comparison

As well as plain folder icons, the team have also changed other icons like the home folder, the Pantheon Files application icon and also common destination folders like Documents, Music, & Pictures. Here is a look at the new music folder compared with the old. Pretty slick I think you’ll agree.

eOS Music Icon

Dan also mentions within the article that Elementary Luna release is now “just around the corner”, with the feature freeze stage way behind them. The fact they’re making these kind of eye candy tweaks says to me that Luna must be very close and they are just putting the finishing touches to it. A while back I wrote a mini review about Elementary Luna and I found it a joy to use. So whenever Luna is ready, you should definitely look out for a full review here on RefuGeeks.

If you’re running Elementary Luna already then all you need to do is update your system to see the new folder icons. However, they are also available for anyone to download from Launchpad.

Are you using Elementary Luna, or their new folder icons? Why not tell us what you think of the OS and it’s design in the comments section below. Also, if you’re interested in keeping up to date with all the latest technology news, including Elementary Luna developments then please feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed or email newsletter.

Elementary OS Team Launch New Folder Icons For Luna
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