Elementary OS Luna Released…FINALLY!

ElementaryA few days ago I wrote about a mysterious countdown timer that had appeared on the Elementary OS homepage. Within that article I speculated as to what this countdown timer was all about. Well people, the wait is over and we can tell you what it’s all about…Elementary OS Luna has been released!

It’s ready!

The guys over at Elementary HQ are famous for not tying themselves to any kind of deadline as to the release of Elementary OS Luna, always coming back to those who ask with the de-facto phrase “it’s ready when it’s ready”. This had sparked frustration in some users as they wanted to know when the release is going to happen. Well your anguish is over people, Elementary OS Luna has finally been released, and it’s come accompanied with a rather cool little video:

I personally haven’t used Elementary OS Luna for quite some time, in fact, the last time I tried it was back in May when Beta 2 was released. But even back then Elementary OS Luna was stable and gorgeous. So over the next few days I’m going to back this sucker up (I’m currently running Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 which is also awesome) and give Luna a whirl.

Whilst I’m working on the review for Elementary OS Luna maybe one of you guys who are already using it want to provide us with some feedback? I’d personally love to hear some other peoples point of view on the release…

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Elementary OS Luna Released…FINALLY!
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