Dreamhost Launches Managed WordPress Service, DreamPress


Popular web host, DreamHost have launched a new managed WordPress service dubbed DreamPress. The service seems to be a good balance between basic shared hosting, and other managed WordPress services like WP Engine.

As mentioned, DreamPress offers a lot more than just shared hosting that is “optimised” for WordPress. This really seems to be the closest thing to a premium managed WordPress service without the hefty price tag. DreamHost are billing DreamPress as “WordPress on steroids”, and it accomplishes this by utilising specially optimised Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for both WordPress and the MySQL backend that all WordPress installations use.

This sounds great but how much is it?

The usual cost of DreamPress is $24.99 per site, per month. On the website there is no mention of storage or bandwidth restrictions so I can only assume that these are both unlimited and you are paying to host an instance of WordPress rather than paying for storage or bandwidth like most hosting providers.

The $24.99/month price tag sounds pretty good, however, there is an introductory offer for this new service that gives you a lifetime discount to $19.95. It doesn’t say how long this offer will last, but as with other DreamHost services, DeamPress comes with a 97 day money back guarantee so you may want to think about taking out this offer sooner rather than later.

The servers that run the DreamPress instances are pre-optimised ready for you to go. You will also receive 24×7 support, a consulting service, and also optional automated cloud backups to DreamHosts cloud system, DreamObjects. Full details of the services on offer can be found on the DreamPress homepage.

All in all, DreamPress looks to bean all encompassing solution that will really take the headaches out of running a self-hosted WordPress site. But if you run multiple WordPress sites like me, it may be more cost effective to run your own VPS. However, the trade off for this is that you will need to manage the server yourself.

Are you using a service like DreamPress to host your WordPress blog? Or do you prefer a “normal” VPS? Why not tell us a little about your setup, and what your experiences have been below.

Dreamhost Launches Managed WordPress Service, DreamPress
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    Is there any reviews or updates for this service?