Donate to RefuGeeks page added, here’s why.


Life’s hard at the moment, there’s a worldwide economic crisis and things are tough for us all. But unfortunately we all need to keep paying the bills, and the bills for RefuGeeks are getting bigger and bigger.

Anyone who has read our about page will know that RefuGeeks is run by myself, along with a handful of regular and guest authors. RefuGeeks is getting bigger month by month, and that’s fantastic. But as we grow, so do the bills. When we first started out our hosting costs were just $5 a month, but with more traffic comes a bigger server, and bigger bandwidth costs. So the monthly bill for RefuGeeks is currently sat at around $150.

I cover these costs myself, and I’m happy to do it as I love RefuGeeks and I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish here. But that doesn’t mean that some help with the bills wouldn’t be massively appreciated. So I’ve taken the decision to add a donations page to the site so you guys can donate to RefuGeeks is you feel it’s appropriate.

I’m not going to waste my time, or insult your intelligence by reeling off a load of reasons why you should donate. I’m going to leave that completely up to you. If you think that RefuGeeks is worthy of a small donation then that’s amazing. But if you don’t want to donate for whatever reason then that’s absolutely fine as well.

I’ve always said right from the day I started writing a blog on Blogger that it wasn’t about making money for me. I have a full time job so I don’t need the money. It’s about the fun of sharing my experiences, my knowledge, and my interests with people of a similar tone. So with that in mind, if I end up with more donations than what the outgoings are for RefuGeeks, I will re-invest 100% of it back into the website.

I don’t really think that will happen, but I feel its important to state that this change isn’t about making money, it’s simply about covering costs. Any extra cash will go into giving our amazing authors incentives to write more often, improving the site with development costs, and if there is still anything left over then that will go on prizes to give back to you guys (we do this occasionally anyway, and will continue to do so).

I don’t want to take a penny in profit from RefuGeeks. So if you feel like RefuGeeks is worth a small amount of your hard earned money to help keep the lights on, then I would be extremely grateful. But if you don’t, I will still love each and everyone of you for supporting RefuGeeks by simply reading our content.

Here is a link to our donations page were you can make a donation via PayPal. Thanks guys, you’re all awesome!

Donate to RefuGeeks page added, here’s why.
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