Do you have a badly designed website? Here’s what to look for.

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Designing a website is difficult. Paying to have one designed is much easier and less time-consuming, but it’s certainly consuming of something else: your wallet. However, the added bonus in time can be worth it if you really know nothing about designing web design.

After paying so much (many web designs run for at least a few thousand dollars), you may want to put all of your trust in the web designer. It’s easy to assume that just because they are professional, they know what they’re doing. But if you’re having issues with your site, or you think your site isn’t getting you the traffic you deserve, there are several signs that may lead to you asking for your money back—or give your next designer something more specific to work with.

Your Website isnt Mobile

More than 57% of Americans now have and carry smart-phones on a regular basis, so a responsive design is extremely important. Responsive design means that customers can find your website easily on mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and hand-held computers. It also means your website is optimized to run well on these devices, instead of simply showing a smaller version of the regular website.

This helps give customers a fantastic first impression of your website. If your designer neglected to even tell you that responsive mobile design was an option, you will definitely want a redesign of your website, sooner rather than later.

Something is Flashing

If you go to the homepage of your website and something is flashing, your website is bad. While that may seem like an unfair generalization, the era of the annoying flashing website is long since over. If you hired someone to design you a modern new site from the slew of technology website templates and they came back with a flashing banner, you spent your money in the wrong place.

There’s no such thing any more as an obnoxious flashing gif on the main page. If your website is causing customers an eyesore every time they click on your web-page, you’ll notice a significant decline in your consumer base. This is no surprise; people don’t want to stay where they’ll just get frustrated. It’s important to remember that it’s much easier for them to simply visit the websites of your competitor.

Your Visitors Are Lost

There’s an easy way to test whether people who visit your website are frequently getting lost. Of course, there are many apps that will allow you to track the amount of traffic on your website. If you are using them, you’ll know exactly how many people are visiting your website every day, every month, and every year.

If your numbers have been consistently up since your redesign, that’s great. It probably means that something has gone right. However, this should be accompanied by an additional boost in the sales department. If you’re not seeing an increase in sales along with the increase in traffic, your visitors are either getting lost, or they’re drawn in by something other than what they’re getting. Either way is hugely detrimental to your business.

These are only some of the signs you need to look out for keeping an eye out for a badly designed website. It should be well laid out, easy on the eye and simple to navigate. Can you think of anything other way in which a website can be badly designed? If so, we would love to hear them.

Do you have a badly designed website? Here’s what to look for.
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