Dell To Bring Ubuntu To The XPS 13 Ultrabook

Good news for Ultrabook lovers, especially for those who use Linux…

Back in May Dell announced project Sputnik. The aim of Sputnik is to enable OEM’s to bring Ubuntu to mainstream laptops, now the dream for those developers & users who wanted a PC with a Penguin inside has come true. Project Sputnik is live and the good news is that it will be based on Dell’s  XPS 13 Ultrabook.

Project Sputnik, initiated to create a developer laptop, will result in an official Dell product in the fall 2012

Dell want to create a device based on Ubuntu to both devs and users alike. The official Dell Ubuntu build will include a number of developer tools.

After six month of exploration, Project Sputnik, Ubuntu-based developers laptop is now in final version and will available for selected market this fall. Dell is planing to deliver an official dev laptop that will based on their Ultrabok Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS preloaded. Another feature on this laptop is that Dell will offer developers a complete client-to-cloud solution.

Project Sputnik lead and director of Dell’s web vertical marketing, Barton George says:

Since we announced project Sputnik a little over two months ago, we have continued to be amazed by the amount and quality of interest and input we have received.

By listening to developers, Dell can provide them with solutions and products to help make them more productive and allow for greater innovation.

So to all developers who wanted an OEM laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed which offers a tonne of solutions to code (plus much more) , Dell has you covered. You only have to wait until next fall to get your hands on the Ubuntu Dell XPS 13 developers ultra book.

Will you be buying this machine, or would you rather buy a ‘normal’ Windows machine and install Ubuntu yourself?

Dell To Bring Ubuntu To The XPS 13 Ultrabook
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  • Gonzalo

    This looks very promising. Dell has a story of only putting GNU/Linux in low quality models. Now, maybe it’s changing it’s mind. Good!