Dear Inbound – WTF is wrong with you?

UPDATE Response from Inbound:

Ed Fry Responded and took action. I am happier – but STILL not happy about their ability to Follow People and EDIT my profile.

EdFry Responde



Lets start with two things – I don’t hate I rather like reading it often, keeping an eye on popular and new posts, and often reading conversations in the various communities. For those of you who dont know – is a content sharing and internet marketer community.

Secondly, this isn’t my first complaint about their login – the last time they resolved the issue, and I hope they do so this time too. Note: I DONT think that they use this for evil. But I still wouldn’t want them to have the access.

The logins

There are three ways to login or register with Inbound:

  1. Register via email
  2. Use your HubSpot account if you have one.
  3. Authorise by Twitter. Wants Control of your Twitter Account

Its the third that I have problem with. Let me show you why:

Registering with Inbound with Twitter

Nice, simple Screen. Lets login with twitter, because I dont have a HubSpot account and I dont really want to register with another site. (Note: I have previously had a twitter connected login – I have disabled their access to my twitter account as of yesterday.)

Screw You Inbound

Notice what I am pointing out?

Lets repeat those here: will be able to:

  • Read Tweets from your timeline.

No Problem.

  • See who you follow, and follow new people.

Two parts here – I dont mind them seeing who I follow. But Follow new people? No.

  • Update your profile.

Are kidding me? No bloody way I want to give them access to this.

  • Post Tweets for you.

Again – I dont want you to use my twitter to post tweets.

  • Access your direct messages. FIXED!

WHATTTTTTT? Why would i give you access to my private correspondence with people on twitter? This is a serious breach of Privacy. Stop asking for that.

Dear Inbound – Please Fix This Shit.

I like using your service – but I wonder how many people give you access to their twitter accounts without reading the finer print? I hope not many. But as a habit, I would have just clicker “allow” as I usually use twitter to login. This time I was lucky. I read the permissions. And they were just not right.

Dear Inbound – WTF is wrong with you?
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