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Many people spend almost as much time at work as they do at home. Spending long hours a day in an office cubicle can easily make one feel claustrophobic and depressed. However, decorating that cubicle to make it a little more interesting and homey can actually improve your work efficiency as well as making the time you spend in your cubicle more enjoyable.

Keep in mind however, that although that cubicle may feel like a home away from home to you, ownership of the space belongs to the company or the owners of the building so you will need to take that into consideration before getting too involved in decorating that cubicle. Here are some tips that will help you create the perfect cubicle decorating space.

Always Remember That This Is A Business Space

The first rule of cubicle decorating is to remember that the space you are decorating is designed for business and belongs to the company not to you. Before you even begin decorating you need to talk to your employer and get an idea of what types of decorations are and are not allowed to be used when decorating your cubicle.

Many companies don’t allow any electric appliances in cubicles which includes fans, heaters, and coffee pots. Other companies don’t allow taping or nails put into walls. So make sure that you know what is and is not allowed when decorating your cubicle and make sure any decorations you use will not interfere with your ability to do business.

Keep Your Decor In Keeping With The Type Of Business You Work For

You also need to keep in mind that your cubicle décor should be in keeping with the type of business you work for. For example, if you work for a company concerned with environmentally friendly alternative energy sources then it is probably a good idea to leave that lava lamp at home. Come to think of it is probably a good idea to leave that lava lamp at home no matter what business your company is in unless it makes retro rad 60s products.

If you work for a company that offers life insurance to clients then don’t display those pictures of your weekend acting like evil kenevil. If you are working for a debt relief agency then leave that picture of your yacht at home. Always remember that your personal life is just that and that you are representing a business.

Pick A Theme

An easy way to decorate a cubicle is to pick a theme. Themes can be simple such as a color theme or more complicated like turning your Cubicle into a Hawaiian Style hut. While the hut theme may work exceptionally well in a cubicle in a large travel agency it may not go so well in a thousand other businesses you can name. However, if you are willing to limit that Hawaiian theme to a couple of beach pictures of you and your family and small palm tree that will fit in your cubicle window then that may be perfectly acceptable. Having a theme does give you decoration and helps you plan out your cubicle décor before you actually start decorating which can be a big help to many people who have limited decorating experience.

It can also be a good idea to take a look at the other cubicles in your office and see exactly what their décor is like so you will have some idea of what direction to take. Feel free to steal those ideas you like and make some small adjustments to make them your own. After all, mimicry is the highest form of flattery and as long as you don’t make your décor identical to one of your co-workers décor they probably won’t mind at all.

Always Remember That Less Is More

While you want your cubicle to feel a little less sterile and a little more warm and friendly, you don’t want it to end up looking like a Frat house, or those cottages at summer camp. So no matter how tempting it may be leave that collection of antique teapots or samurai swords at home. Not only are these types of items inappropriate for the office setting, there is a good likelihood that they will get broken or end up stolen.

Try to take a look at your cubicle overall and decide on just a few areas that could use some improvement and what would be the best way to add a few simple colorful touches that would create a feeling of warmth and give a small amount of insight into your own personality.

Area Rugs Add Color And Texture

If your cubicle floor is made of that lackluster all purpose tile then you might consider adding a small area rug to add a bit of texture and color to the cubicle’s floor. However, do remember if you are going to add an area rug then you are going to need to tack it down to avoid people tripping on it or it sliding from under their feet. Choosing a rubber back area rug may solve this problem quite nicely.

You can also add an area rug over that company carpeting. If you choose to do so make sure that the rug you choose compliments that carpet that is already in place. For example if the office carpet is a neutral cream or beige then adding a bright area rug with some design is fine. However, if the company rung has stripes, or even patterns or flecks then a plain area rug that brings out a particular fleck or line may well be a better choice.

Use Framed Pictures And Quotes To Give Substance To A Blank Wall

If your cubicle has a blank or cloth covered wall you always make that wall the focal point of your office by creating a warm and interesting arrangement. This arrangement can include your diplomas, certificates, pictures of your family, an interesting quote or two, and even your toddlers art work. This will make the cubicle more inviting to you and will help give a personal face to any clients visiting your cubicle.

Place your largest framed piece in the center and then radiate all the other frames outward from the center frame. Try different angles and distances to create a more engaging and interesting display. You can also set some photos on a window sill or a shelf in another area of the cubicle.

If you are using both pictures and an area rug in your cubicle décor make sure to choose a rug that reflects some of the colors in the picture to make your décor look more professional and balanced.

Don’t Forget The Plants!

One of the easiest ways to add warmth and charm to that cold office cubicle is by adding a plant or two. Plants provide a sense of calm and add a little bit of life to that dull office décor. Even if your cubicle lacks a window you can choose from plants that need less sunlight or even a well made artificial plant. While plants sitting in a sunny window bring a bit of the outdoors inside, That file cabinet is also a great place for a plant to reside.

Be sure when choosing a plant for your cubicle you choose a plant that is large enough to do justice to the place where it is set. For example, a small starter plant will looked out of place when placed on a large file cabinet whereas, a large plant will actually make a file cabinet look less boring. If one corner of your cubicle is empty choosing a tall tree like real or artificial plant will balance the room turn your cubicle into an inviting green space.

Find Ways To Liven Up Your Workstation

While you don’t want to add anything to your workstation that is going to slow down the efficiency of your work, you also don’t want your work station to look boring or humdrum especially after adding décor to the rest of your office so find those items that will add bits of color and texture to your workstation without interfering with work.

A colorful or whimsical mouse pad, your computer wall paper, or a colorful and interesting shaped holder for your pens and pencils will all help bring your cubicle décor together without interfering with your ability to get your work done. Again the colors of these small items should equal or be echoed in other office décor so that your office looks smart and professional as well as personalized. A Hodge podge of colors and textures simply looks messy not interesting.

If you deal with clients on a regular basis, do add a nice looking name plate where they can see it easily. Not only will this help to make your cubicle more attractive but it will help nervous clients remember your name thus saving them a lot of embarrassment.

If your company allows it to exchange that company office chair for good ergonomics and nice looking office chair that is in keeping with the style of the office. It is amazing how much difference a nice piece of furniture can make in improving the whole look of that small cubicle. If clients spend time in your office and you have a chair for their comfort as well, you may want to consider exchanging that one for something a little more comfortable and good looking.

Keep Your Cubicle Decor Evergreen With A Few Small Holiday Touches

Once you have your cubicle decorated you are going to want to change decorations every so often to keep your décor from becoming boring again. One way to do that is by adding just one or two new touches to your cubicle décor to represent various holidays. For example, You can celebrate the new year by putting some glittery twisted pipe cleaners into your plant soil, or by changing your computer wallpaper to show the ball dropping over times square. You could place a small candy jar shaped like a present and filled with hard candies to add a little Christmas cheer to your décor, and at Halloween you might want to replace the file cabinet plant with a cute ceramic jack-o-lantern.

Keep Your Decor Clean

Remember even if your office does have janitorial services it is up to you to keep those additional bits and pieces of décor clean and good looking so make sure that you dust off those picture frames, and change that mouse pad when it gets worn. Keeping your décor in good shape is what is going to help make your cubicle more comfortable and more interesting.

The only thing worse than a dull work space is a workspace whose décor is allowed to get shabby and worn looking. So do take the time and the effort to keep that new décor looking new and update it every so often to keep it looking great and feeling comfortable.

Studies show that having a workspace that people actually enjoy spending time in will increase both efficiency and job satisfaction. It also has the additional benefit of making those businesses that are often regarded as stuffy seem a little more approachable to clients which can be a huge benefit to the business itself.

So don’t be afraid to add a bit of color and a few personal touches to your workspace because in the long run doing so just might be beneficial to the company you work for.


Cubicle Decorating Tips
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