Copy – The New Kid In Town That Could Take The Cloud Storage Crown

Dropbox has a new contender for the cloud storage crown, a system that goes by the name of Copy. Copy offers pretty much all the same functionality as Dropbox, here is a list of some of those features:

  • File versioning
  • The ability to restore deleted files
  • Sharing of files and folders
  • Public sharing by way of download links
  • A referral system
  • Client available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS

So why do I need to change?

Well, you know how Dropbox will give you 2GB for free, then 500MB for each referral? Well, Copy have taken this one step further. You see, not only do you get 5GB of free space when you sign up, but Copy will also give you a huge 5GB of free storage for every referral. This means that straight off the bat, if you use this referral link you will get 10GB of free cloud storage with Copy. Not only that, but when you refer more friends, you both get 5GB!


This is only for a limited time as Copy is a new service and this offer is to get the word out. There is no sign of when this will end, and from what I can see there are no limits to the amount of storage you can accumulate. So make sure you get the word out and build up as many of those referrals as you can before time runs out.

However, if you do run out of time then it’s not a huge problem as Copy offer upgrade packages of 250GB and 500GB which cost $9.99/month and $14.99/month respectively. Considering that Dropbox only offer 100GB for $9.99/month, and a 500GB account will set you back a whopping $49.99/month this is a real bargain!

I’m testing Copy with a 1GB folder full of over 200 files. It’s finished uploading quickly and hasn’t missed a single file. I’ve also changed a few files and deleted some to test the versioning and un-delete functionality which it all works perfectly. Copy really is a fantastic alternative to Dropbox so I would strongly consider referring as many friends as possible, getting your free cloud storage up and switching ASAP!

Copy – The New Kid In Town That Could Take The Cloud Storage Crown
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  • Bob

    I’ve been a Google Drive user for a while but Copy has won me over. I’ve been floating around the 5GB limit on Drive for a while, deleting and archiving files off where I can. As far as I know there is no free way to upgrade Google Drive beyond the 5GB limit. With Copy I get an extra 5GB for every referral!

    As for the Android app, I find it offers more features than the Drive app, including multiple file uploads and downloads, which I found was a frequent limitation on Drive. I’ve had no problems with app stability and upload/download speeds have been as good as Drive.

    I’ve heard several users have racked up several terabytes (!) of free storage now through referrals, I’ve started with 10GB thanks to the referral link above but have already forwarded on the referrals to friends and family. Definitely recommend this.

    • Kev Quirk

      Same here “Bob”. I’ve moved from Dropbox, but unlike you I have a free 50GB account that I got free with my Galaxy S3 (only lasts 2 years). As you’ve already said, I too have the performance, stability, and features every bit as good as, if not better than Dropbox.

      Thanks to all the awesome readers of RefuGeeks, I’ve managed to rack up over 400GB of free storage on Copy so this will definitely do me for the foreseeable future (if not for ever). Referrals or not, the competition should be worried.

  • R Bala register and install from this link to get 15GB right away ! since i have purchased the pro account.

  • Gerry Lynch

    Hi, I would just like to let you know that having tried Copy com I found it excellent with regards to storage, sharing and especially SYNC. It is very fast in that regard which is ideal for the way most people work today. Currently they are offering 5GB free storage and a further 5GB free for refferal, if anyone would like to start off with 10GB and share the love pass it on with the following link

  • Adam Ward

    I’d love to get extra storage. Maybe by sharing my link I will get a few extra GB.

  • Nir Tal

    the referral bonus is really rewarding with 5GB for every one you can get a lot of space

    use this link to start up with 10GB for free

  • Nikhil Apte

    Time to update this. Now you get 15 GB for free and 5 GB for referrals!

    • Kev Quirk

      You might want to take a look at this article from the day of the announcement…

      • Nikhil Apte

        Ah, thanks. I meant updating via a “5 GB 15 GB!” strikethrough or something linking to the updated post, since this one is still alive and one could stumble upon this as I did.

        And I am rather stunned at the instant reply! :)

      • Kev Quirk

        That’s just the way I roll. Haha.

        I don’t need to update the article, you’ve done it for me now. :)

        I know what you mean though, it’s just difficult to remember to go back and update this kind of thing. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  • Zane Zaneamem

    The 5GB bonus referral program is still going on. Here’s my referral link to get 20GB total:

  • Matt

    a Very nice service with a lot of space!

    be sure to use a referal link to start at 20GB:

    Definitively worth the try!