Copy Announces 15GB Of Cloud Storage For All Users

Copy LogoCopy is a fantastic cloud syncing system that has quite possibly the best referral scheme on the planet. For every user that you refer to Copy, each of you gets an additional 5GB of free storage, what’s more there is absolutely no limit to the amount of storage you can earn. I myself currently have over 400GB of free storage with Copy, all from referrals.

But now the deal has gotten even better! Previously the guys over at Copy offered 5GB of free storage with every account (or 10GB with a referral), but they have now increased the free amount of storage for all users to 15GB. That means that using our referral link you can get 20GB of free cloud storage with Copy right off the bat!

This is a deliberate move by the guys at Copy to bring their level of storage in-line with that on offer from Google. With Google’s recent storage changes, Copy thought it would be a good idea to also increase their free storage – personally I think this is a fantastic move as Copy have a Linux client unlike some (*ahem* Google *ahem*).

I already have an account, do I get the extra 10GB?

YES! This change in storage affects everyone, new or existing. So if you had 15GB in your account before, you’ll now have 25GB. How awesome is that! For me, Copy are shaping up to be by far the best cloud storage and syncing tool on the market today. With clients for all major operating systems and mobile devices, Dropbox should be very worried.

To read more about the announcement and also some other recent changes with Copy, head over to their blog to check it out. Also, don’t forget to use our referral link to sign up for your 20GB of free storage!

Copy Announces 15GB Of Cloud Storage For All Users
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