Commodore OS Vision – Commodores Answer To Linux

For anyone under the age of 25, you probably won’t even know who Commodore are or what an Amiga 600 was (never mind the Commodore 64). Well, Commodore are back and they have brought with them their very own version of Linux – Commodore OS Vision. Here is how Commodore OS Vision is described on their website:

Commodore OS Vision is our customized GNU/Linux distribution for Commodore enthusiasts that is designed to unleash your creative potential and help you enjoy your computing experience to the fullest. Commodore computers were well known for their unique operating environments, so we seek to do the same, by providing a distinctive, attractive, advanced and fun operating system experience. Various themes are included, inspired by the Commodore 64 and various versions of the Commodore Amiga Workbench user environments, but with a modern spin, which includes many slick graphical effects which showcase the capabilities of our new Commodore machines.

Now, I can’t profess to actually trying this OS out for two main reasons really – 1) it’s bloody ugly and 2) it’s massive! At over 16GB when fully installed (across two ISO images) it’s just far too big for my liking. However, I have read some other reviews on Commodore OS Vision and it’s basically Linux Mint on horse steroids (they haven’t actually changed the Mint boot splash apparently). It’s an over version of Mint at that, version 11 and kernel version 2.x.

The UI is heavily customised, even applications like LibreOffice are themed in that lovely shade of blue. But the two ISO’s do include alot of nostalgia in the form of Amiga and Commodore applications. This is enough in itself for some to give it a go – something I may do at some point.

Here are a few screen shots of the ‘beautiful’ UI I’ve been talking about:

Not the prettiest in my opinion – and my favourite colour is blue as well!

If this article inspires you to download and try Commodore OS Vision then there is a download button below. If you do, please come back and leave a comment as it would be great to hear what your experiences of Commodore OS Vision are.

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Commodore OS Vision – Commodores Answer To Linux
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  • Marjana

    Yeah not exactly as gorgeous as KDE.

  • Moejj O’Raisin

    I’m useing COS, I absolutely love it. As far as the bootscreen, you can easily configure a graphical boot, which looks really good, with multiple customizations of what you want to display, and just as you get to the desktop, a cool fade in and fade out of “Commodore OS Vision” appears.

    Mint has been my fave flavor, but I like this version of Mint 10 the best. I’m in the process of installing it to a dedicated Presario CQ60, on a SSD as I type this. I have it on a desktop at home and dual boot with W7 on my Toshiba Qosmio.

    In a nutshell, I like the appearance, performance, and myriad of features. The audio events along with the bells and whistles might get old for some, but I love’m. I think the desktop cube is cool, and fun to show off to noobs.

    My only wish would be that Commodore would come out with a machine which would be as innovative and ahead of it’s time like the Amiga was back in its day, only by today’s standards. PC or Mac, I feel like personal computing has become homogenized across the board, with only an OS to dress up the box.

    That’s my story.


    • Kev Quirk

      I loved my Amiga 1200! My career as a geek was spawned from that box.

  • jason42

    i have downloaded commordore os vision from the commodore 64 site.
    and i am asking how do you install it on your computer i have got
    programs like preseed,isolinx,casper,disk md5 files no instructions on how to install as a second os, interested if any one can help, like to try this software.

    • Kev Quirk

      Hi Jason,

      I really wouldn’t publish your email on a public website like this as you are asking for spam, if I were you I would edit the comment and remove your email address.

      To install commodore OS vision, I simply used the torrent links from the button above then used the ISO to install the OS in a virtual machine. Sounds like you have the source files to me.

      If you want to install it on a live machine then simply ‘burn’ the ISO image you download to a DVD or a USB drive. Boot your machine up from whichever media you ‘burnt’ the image too and you will be able to boot into the OS to install it. If you’re still stuck, head over to our forums to post a question there.

      • jase42

        Hello thanks very much for replying had problems on this site, firstly how do i get rid of my email, must have put it up by accident.
        cheers, back to commordore os vision i have tried that i am on xp all i get is them source files, posted on a forum even trying the 32 bit some one has put together. when i put them on a dvd all i get is a a zip box that needs unpacking back with all them source files again. same if i just put source files on a dvd. i click on any of them nothing does anything. could do with full instructions i fought the process would be quite straight forward. also very surprised no one has put an install guide on utube,

      • Kev Quirk

        I have no idea how you are getting the source files. If you use the download button above, then click on one of the red links at the top of that page you should then be able to torrent the ISO to your machine. You then need an ISO burner like CDBurnerXP to burn the ISO to your disc.

        I’ve edited your original comment for you to get rid of your email address.

      • jase42

        I see, well i have done that, at moment i am chooseing the 32 bit version some one put together, which is ment to be self running.
        That version from the site seems to take to much harddrive spair which i don t have at the momement .and i have had the same problems as this.
        i burned the iso, with that iso burner and put it on a disc, on the disc it says commordore os 32, so i clicked it all them source folders again.
        i appreciatte your help, but when you say run it from their are you just ment to click it or is their some other software i need. i am running xp on my computer. and when i downloaded the main version from usa site. when it finished downloading it went into my downloads and i click on the iso which was a zip file and the source file folders again.

      • Kev Quirk

        The ISO is a disk image file. So you download that and then simply double click it to burn it to a CD. You can’t just burn the ISO direct to the CD as it needs to unpack and create a boot record on the CD as it goes.

        Once the ISO is burnt you are likely to see the same source files on the disk, however, burning the ISO will create a boot manager on the disk so that you can boot from it.

        If you still need more support then I suggest you post on our forums. Link at the top of this page.