Clueful for Android let you control your app privacy

Clueful for Android is a free application made by Bitdefender, the antivirus company that shows you how your installed applications on Android devices (smartphone and Tablet) abuse on your privacy.

When you install Clueful on your smartphone, it immediately starts scanning all your applications on the device, it will then give you a grade of high, medium, or low risk in terms of your privacy.


Privacy Score

The Privacy Score is calculated based on pre-determined permissions that have a specific risk factor associated with them. So Facebook for example, is moderate risk because it can access your contacts, track your location and have call phone permission.

Furthermore, you can also add Bitdefender Mobile Security (can cost you money) with other features like malware scanner, application audit, web security, anti-theft and event viewer. Coupled together, this range of app can really help you to plug any security holes on your Android device.


Clueful will continue to scan your apps on the fly, even as they are updated. So if an app changes it’s permissions with an update, Clueful will let you know so that you can make an informed decision as to what to do with the app.

Clueful is one of many ways you can secure your Android device. Do you have another way of doing it? If so, we’d love to hear it…

Clueful for Android let you control your app privacy
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