How To Correctly Partition Ubuntu

Following on from my recent article about Linux File System defragmentation, people have asked me how to correctly partition their machines to run Ubuntu. In particular, to do things like dual boot with Windows and other Linux Distributions. So I thought I would write a quick article on how to do it for you guys. In the examples below I will be partitioning a 100GB example Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in... »

How To Secure Your Online Passwords

I’m sure most of you have heard about the professional networking site, LinkedIn being hacked today were over 6,000,000 passwords have been taken…apparently. Now, first of all, it’s not as bad as you think. The passwords that the hacker got were protected by SHA1 encryption, so, instead of seeing your password as “Password123″, they see “vhfuvipofhbfoivbfvifobfh... »

Google+ Gnome-Shell Theme

People who use Google’s social network, Google+ or any Google products like Gmail, Google Docs or Google Drive will recognise the new Google interface that consists of a cool grey colour with contrasting buttons of red and blue. It’s a really modern, clean look – and now it has appeared in Gnome-Shell. How To Use The Theme The theme isn’t the easiest to apply, but it does l... »

Bolt – A Unity Type Dash For Gnome Shell

Are you one of those people who like both Gnome Shell and Unity, but can’t decide which one to stick with? Well, there has been a Gnome Extension released called ‘Bolt’. This extension is basically the Unity Dash for Gnome Shell. It does a lot of what the actual Unity dash does, like storing recent items, changing it’s background colour to suit your background and it has a ... »

Ubuntu One Indicator – An Ubuntu One Status Widget For Ubuntu

Anyone that uses Dropbox will be familar with the Dropbox panel widget that is installed by default. It gives you some very useful information like how much space you have left on your account, what’s left to sync and how long it wiill take to sync what’s left. Personally, I use Ubuntu One for numerous reason but I have often wished that U1 had some kind of Dropbox like widget. Well pe... »

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