Windows 8 Release Preview Review

Windows 8 Release Preview Review

  I recently wrote about my thoughts on whether or not Windows 8 will catch on based on the customer preview that Microsoft released about 6 months ago. Sine then, Microsoft have had another 6 months to work on Windows 8 and also a lot of customer feedback. So let’s see if my opinion has changed. Remember, this is a ‘Release Preview’ so if the Windows 7 release preview is anythi... »

Microsoft Release Their Own Social Network

Microsoft have officially launched an ‘experimental’ social networking site, dubbed (pronounced social). Looking at the site, it seems to be a kind of mix between Facebook and Google+ taking some parts both the popular social networks. According to Microsoft, is just a social experiment, so rather than dipping their toes into the already saturated social network market, the... »

Will Windows 8 catch on?

As most people who read this post will know, Microsoft have released a Windows 8 Customer Preview. At the moment there is no official release date (not that I’m aware of anyway), all we know is that it is due ‘sometime in 2012′. I’ve installed the Windows 8 customer preview on an old machine and have been playing around with it on and off for a while now. From what I have s... »

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