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How to backup your emails…FOR FREE!

Being the local go-to-geek for all my friends and family I often get asked general questions regarding all things geeky. Surprisingly, a number of friends have asked me how best to backup their emails. Saying things like “I deleted an email the other day by accident and now I can’t get it back…what do I do?!”. To which my answer is usually “nothing”. Unfortunate... »

Ubuntu One Indicator – An Ubuntu One Status Widget For Ubuntu

Anyone that uses Dropbox will be familar with the Dropbox panel widget that is installed by default. It gives you some very useful information like how much space you have left on your account, what’s left to sync and how long it wiill take to sync what’s left. Personally, I use Ubuntu One for numerous reason but I have often wished that U1 had some kind of Dropbox like widget. Well pe... »

Microsoft Release Their Own Social Network

Microsoft have officially launched an ‘experimental’ social networking site, dubbed (pronounced social). Looking at the site, it seems to be a kind of mix between Facebook and Google+ taking some parts both the popular social networks. According to Microsoft, is just a social experiment, so rather than dipping their toes into the already saturated social network market, the... »

Will Windows 8 catch on?

As most people who read this post will know, Microsoft have released a Windows 8 Customer Preview. At the moment there is no official release date (not that I’m aware of anyway), all we know is that it is due ‘sometime in 2012′. I’ve installed the Windows 8 customer preview on an old machine and have been playing around with it on and off for a while now. From what I have s... »

Ubuntu 12.04 Review

Ubuntu 12.04 Review

Ok guys, after all the waiting Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin (12.04 for short) is here and I have to say, I’m loving it! I’ve deliberately waited a couple of weeks after the release to do my review as the Internet will be saturated with reviews, plus I wanted to spend some time with the OS before I actually wrote a review on it. What’s new? Well, in short – A LOT! There hav... »

We’re Alive!

Hi guys! Here we are, a brand new tech site and this is our very first post. At the moment the information on this site is pretty thin on the ground but please bookmark us or follow us on any of the social networks as more content will be coming soon…so much so that you will soon have content coming out of your ears! So let me tell you a little bit about the site and about myself, Kev Quirk.... »

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