Manage Your Android Device Through Your Browser

  When I’m in work I can’t really send and receive text messages as I’m sure most of you can’t. But that doesn’t stop me sending and recieving text messages whilst at my desk – instead, I manage my text messages through my computers browser using an app called AirDroid. All you need to do is connect your Android device to your wireless internet, start up ... »

Why Pay For Microsoft Office?

I’m sure most of you know that I am an Ubuntu user predominately. Therefore, I don’t really use Microsoft Office, however – I still do use Microsoft Office on my work Laptop (it runs Windows 7) and I have used it for many year since the 1997 version. But is Microsoft Office worth the £250+ price tag that you pay for some versions? In short, the answer is NO. This is because ther... »

Google Drive Comes To Ubuntu – Kind Off

Personally, I don’t use Google Drive. Mainly because I’m predominantly a Linux user and as of yet there is no Google Drive support for Linux. I did used to use Google Docs but switched to Ubuntu One when my internet went offline for 10 days once and I have absolutely no access to any of my files. Anyway, I digress… Yesterday saw the release of a new application in Ubuntu called ... »

Remotely Control Your Computer With RemoteDroid

  A lot of people today use computers as Media Centres. Personally, I have a Raspberry Pi running XMBC in my bedroom and a ‘Nettop PC’ (basically a Netbook without a screen) in my living room running Ubuntu. I don’t really do much in the way of conventional computing on these devices as they are only really there as media centres so I don’t need a keyboard and mouse. H... »

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