Bootstrap Admin – A Modern Admin Theme For WordPress

Back in March we wrote about a pretty cool plugin called MP6. What MP6 does is give your WordPress admin interface a more modern look than what it currently has. It’s a pretty cool feature and we use MP6 here at RefuGeeks. But today we learnt about a new admin theme called Bootstrap Admin that gives users another way of getting a modern look to the WordPress back-end.

The default look of the WordPress backend isn’t really much to write home about. It’s all very grey with a few hints of blue. On the whole, nothing special, and certainly pretty crappy looking when you compare it other back-ends like that of Drupal or Joomla. Here is a look at the default WordPress back-end on my personal website:

Default WordPress DashI’ve since enabled Bootstrap Admin and here is what I have now:

Bootstrap AdminAs you can see, the sidebar has changed for a much lighter, modern, and simple looking design. The system font has also changed, along with icons, colours and buttons. Bootstrap Admin is a great theme for the back-end of any WordPress based site. Especially if you spend a lot of time in there.

Bootstrap admin is simply a plugin, so like MP6 all you need to do is search for it in the plugins section of WordPress, install it, and activate it. Refresh your screen and you will see an awesome new look back-end. If you want the old, default look back then simply disable the plugin.

Do you know of any other themes for the WordPress back-end? If so, why not leave a comment below with a link to the theme.

Bootstrap Admin – A Modern Admin Theme For WordPress
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