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Blogging is great fun, it allows people with an particular interest to quickly and easily setup a website were they can write about said interest so that people with the same interest can come together into great communities to share knowledge and information. The ‘Internet Blogosphere’ is big business and has many millions of writers and readers all over the Internet.

Blogger vs WordPress

But which is the best platform to use to host your blog? In this article we’re going to be looking at Blogger vs WordPress as these are by far the two most popular blogging platforms on the Internet today. RefuGeeks itself is a WordPress site, but our roots are in Blogger. So let’s take a look at the two systems…


Blogger is Googles free blogging platform that many blogs tend to start life on. RefuGeeks itself started life on Blogger, then as we grew we moved over to WordPress. Too find out more about our roots, visit our about page. When weighing up Blogger vs WordPress it’s important to look into their features, longevity for your blog ans ease of use. I asked Dietrich Schmitz, co-owner and creator of the Linux Advocates blog why he decided to go with Blogger over the competition, this is what he had to say:

I was, in effect, able to ‘hit the ground running’ with Blogger and had a viable website in a matter of hours.
As I have grown into Blogger, I have pushed and prodded and am happy to report that everything I have tried to do thus far was worked reasonably well and didn’t require a lot of effort to accomplish.
Ease of use, integration and quick deployment are salient features of Blogger.

Dietrich goes on to elaborate on his thoughts and feelings about the Blogger platform in an article on Linux advocates ‘Google Blogger Exceeds My Expectations‘. Within this article Dietrich goes on to really champion Google’s Blogger platform, and in particular picking up on it’s instant usability, ease of use and ready-to-go integration of features like Google Analytics to monitor traffic statistics.

Blogger Dashboard

A look at the Blogger admin dashboard


Next in our look at Blogger vs WordPress is obviously WordPress. WordPress is arguably the single most popular blogging CMS on the planet, it’s also used for a lot of ‘normal’ websites, not just blogs. This makes WordPress more complicated to use but also more flexible than Blogger. On my quest to get other people opinions on these blogging platforms, I asked blogging legend Joey-Elijah Sneddon, owner and creator of OMG! Ubuntu! to tell us his thoughts.

Like me, Joey is in a good position to comment on this comparison as OMG! Ubuntu! also started life on Blogger, but then moved over to WordPress as his needs changed. Joey goes on to say…

I loved Blogger. But as my site became more popular the once-enticing feature of Blogger, in that Google take care of pretty much everything, became limitations to both our creativity and, more importantly, to our control.
So moving to self-hosted WordPress was the logical next step. In fact, it was the only step. We evaluated other platforms (Drupal, Joomla, etc) but none had the flexibility, community, ecosystem, etc that WordPress boasted.
From the theming framework to the plugin system to how easy it is to deploy on a server (the famous ’5 minute WordPress install’) it was just perfect for our needs.
And so we went with it. And never looked back.

Both Joey and I have a self-hosted WordPress sites. This means that we host and maintain the installation of WordPress ourselves. but there is also the free WordPress hosting were anyone can quickly create a powerful free blog, just like on Blogger. The free WordPress blogs don’t quite give you the amount of flexibility as a self-hosted one like RefuGeeks but it is still av very powerful system. WordPress also has a powerful community behind it so if you get stuck, there is always somewhere to go for help.

A look at the free WordPress admin dashboard

A look at the free WordPress admin dashboard


Having gone from Blogger to WordPress, I, like Joey have a unique perspective after seeing and using both sides of the coin. Dietrich has also used WordPress in the past so he has made a very informed decision to use Blogger as well. When comparing Blogger vs WordPress you need to think about which is the best tool for you to use. My personal opinion is that the extra flexibility that WordPress offers, coupled with it’s fantastic community makes it a much better tool than Blogger. However, the ease of use and low learning curve that blogger provides may be the better choice for new bloggers or bloggers who are looking to start a personal blog for fun.

What you do have to consider though is that if your blog gains popularity, as both mine and Joey’s did, then you may find yourself needing a more flexible platform like WordPress in the future. Linux Advocates is a young blog, at the time of writing this it had only been live for around a month. So only time will tell if Blogger will remain the best blogging platform for Dietrich.

RefuGeeks started life as a small, personal blog that I wrote for fun and migrating from Blogger to WordPress was a simple process but it meant I had to re-create the site from scratch, and whilst this isn’t a major problem, it may be an extra admin overhead that many bloggers won’t want to contend with.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which platform you go with when it comes to Blogger vs WordPress. However, if you’re asking my opinion I would say that you should go with Blogger is you want a blog that you can deploy in minutes that has a very low learning curve and requires a minimal amount of upkeep. However, if you’re more technical and want/require the greater amount of flexibility that WordPress offers, I would highly recommend self-hosted WordPress site like RefuGeeks.

Finally, if you find yourself stuck somewhere in the middle of wanting the flexibility of a self-hosted WordPress blog and the ease of a Blogger blog without the costs of a self-hosted site then I would go for a free blog. This will allow you to use a lot of the WordPress infrastructure that is easily scaled if your blog does grow wings and fly into the realms of a popular, high traffic blog.

Do you own or run a blog? If so, we would love to hear what you use for your site and why. Please feel free to leave a comment below telling us your thoughts…

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Blogger Vs WordPress
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