Best Apps For Avid Sports Fans


There are many fitness apps out there and plenty of apps that help you measure your own sporting prowess. But what about apps for sports fans? Interactive apps that enhance the enjoyment of watching a game, match or race? Well, unsurprisingly, there are plenty of those out there too!

From apps that give you details about upcoming games to apps that give you updates on the match as you watch it, there are plenty out there for every sport you can think of. We’ve rounded up a mere selection of the best apps for sports fans.

ESPN ScoreCenter – available as a free download for Android and iOS, this very handy app keeps you up to date with all your favourite teams across a raft of American sports. it will give you scores in real time and all the sports news you could ask for. You can also personalise your scoreboard so that you only get the news you’re actually interested in.

At Bat Lite – this is the Major League Baseball’s official app, which is perfect if you’re an avid baseball fan. You’ll have easy access to baseball scores, news, schedules, player gossip and team rosters. There’s a free option that is customisable and a paid version with lots more features, including audio and live video but it also has a steep price tag, which could be off putting for fans.

The Football App – this Windows smartphone app is a comprehensive app that is perfect for all football fans. With information from more than 100 international football leagues and competitions. It will give you the most up to date and live information and there are push notification so you won’t miss a thing. It covers The Championship, Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga and World Cup qualifiers.

Ladbrokes iPhone App – this is just one example of the many sports gambling apps that are out there, which help find the best odds for the sport you enjoy the most. You can bet in app on all sorts of sports, ranging from football to horse racing and put down bets and take your payments as well. It all makes sports betting more enjoyable and more fun.

BBC Sport App – unsurprisingly, the BBC Sports app is designed to give you loads of updates, team information and interactive bits and bobs, across many different sports. All designed with the user in mind and perfect for the most avid sports fan, whether they’re interested in women’s golf or fishing, it’s a real all rounder and a good choice to download.

Got a must have sports app? Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments section below.

Best Apps For Avid Sports Fans
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