Best Android Apps to Get Most Of What The Cloud Has to Offer

With the boom in the Android market, every company producing Android applications is making its own efforts to come in the approach of all the users of smartphone running on Android Operating System to boost their profits. These android applications are usually used by the users to create and share music, pictures and video with their friends. The main idea behind the whole concept is to provide ample space on the android devices to download as many files as you like and offload anything extra on Cloud to increase the capacity of the device. With the courtesy of Google, which had introduced cloud based laptop known as Chromebook, you need not upgrade your system to use android apps. The apps discussed here will be used to store the files on cloud as well as streaming them to your android device without using the step of downloading them.

A spotlight on the best android apps

Sugar Sync : Sugar Sync app for Android works flawlessly while synchronizing documents, folders and photos to the cloud. It automatically syncs specified data to your cloud folder, while running in the background. Sugar sync can also be configured to automatically sync photos & videos that are snapped on your device to the cloud.

Mozy: One of the most popular cloud automatic backup solutions for Android devices. You can access to the content of the back up of your android device safely through this app or through your web browser. You can easily read your document, play your music, share files and browse your photographs any where and any time as you effectively have your computer in your pocket all the time. You will get ample amount of space to store your data in this highly popular app.

Dropbox: Dropbox, one of the most popular sync and cloud storage apps available, initially provides you a free storage capacity upto 2GB. Dropbox works in much the same way a SugarSync, by syncing you data between computers and also to the cloud, as a backup. The 2GB of free storage can be increased up to 16GB by the Dropbox referral scheme.

Sorami: Sorami from Windows Live SkyDrive provides you a free storage space of 25GB and is useful for the extensive users of Android devices. Though there is no official Android app from Window for SkyDrive, Sorami fills this gap.

Amazon MP3: With the launching of Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon had claimed its interference in both the fields, cloud storage and music industry. You can use the Amazon MP3 app to play music on the web as well as download it directly to your device. Moreover Amazon offers an initial discount to own 15 GB additional space if you buy a musical album from them.

Box: The android app allows you to utilise free cloud storage space for 5GB which can be approached from your android device directly. You can use this app to view, search and share the files to any other device as well as upload the files to this app from your device.

Netflix: Netflix provides 3 GB free space for downloading data including movies, videos, photos etc. into cloud to free space on your android device.

Pandora: Pandora allows you to listen to the music of your choice if you are confused to what to listen as it works as your personalized radio station. You can easily obtain, sync and store the music.

Tunein Radio: This android app allows your device to act as FM tuner like a traditional radio where you can select the music of your choice from a lot and store them easily.

So, all these android apps allow you to store the data from your android device to cloud to spare the space on it as well as from cloud to your device. So if you’re running low on space on your Android device, why not offload some of your data to one of these services?

Have we missed a cloud tool here? If so, please let us know in the comments section…

Best Android Apps to Get Most Of What The Cloud Has to Offer
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