Become An Assassin On Android With Clear Vision

Clear Vision is one of the best Android games I’ve seen. It has a great story line whereby you play the part of Tyler, a down and out bum that loses his job in a supermarket and decides to take up a new career as an assassin.

This isn’t a free game but it costs just £0.65 so it really isn’t much for such a great game. With a game of this sort obviously containing violence then it’s not recommended for use by anyone under 17 years of age.

It’s not just level after level of random shootings though. You have to be creative with some of your killings doing things like getting information out of the poor guys by way of interrogation or making a killing look like an accident.

Aside from the killings there is also a great story line where you see Tyler go from rags to riches during his escapades as a killer for hire. This is a great game and for only 65 pence I would highly recommend it.

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Become An Assassin On Android With Clear Vision
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