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Make Your Battery Last Longer In Ubuntu With Jupiter

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I like to run on my battery as much as possible – mainly because I usually end up entangled in my power cable when I’m plugged in. On my main laptop I have a 6 cell battery that usually lasts around 6 or so hours under normal use. This is great but doesn’t quite last a full working day when I’m out and about. Enter Jupiter… O... »

PinguyOS 12.04 Review

PinguyOS 12.04 Review

This time of year is always an exciting time in the Linux world. This is because Ubuntu release a new version of their operating system and then, shortly after, the numerous Ubuntu based Linux distributions out there also release a new version. PinguyOS is one such distribution and in this article I will be reviewing it. For those of you that don’t know PinguyOS, it is an Ubuntu derivative t... »

My Ubuntu Living Room

My Ubuntu Living Room

For those of you that follow me on Google+ you will know that I have recently moved house and I have decided to decorate my living room in Ubuntu colours. I started out by getting some custom mixed paint in the official Ubuntu Orange shade and (with some help from my girlfriend) I’ve added a few bits that are in the Ubuntu Aubergine shade. It’s starting to come together nicely now and ... »

We’re Back!

So the house move went well and my internet is now connected again, so that means that RefuGeeks posts will start coming in thick and fast. So keep your eyes open, subscribe, join in and tell your friends :) Thanks to everyone for your patients. Kev »

Story Of An Ubuntu Convert

Story Of An Ubuntu Convert

Before we begin, I wanted to start out by saying that I am posting this article from my tablet as I have recently moved house so I dont have any internet yet – I apologise in advance for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes within this article. :) Ok then, this ‘story’ is about a very unlikely Ubuntu convert – my mother. My mum is a self confessed technophobe so is very war... »

I Won’t Be Around For a While…

At the moment I’m in the process of moving home and as some of you may know, I run RefuGeeks all on my own. As any of you will know, moving home is a very stressful business and I obviously need to move my telephone line and broadband connection. This can take up to week to complete so unfortunately no internet means no RefuGeeks :( Please keep an eye open for new content in a few days time.... »

Commodore OS Vision – Commodores Answer To Linux

For anyone under the age of 25, you probably won’t even know who Commodore are or what an Amiga 600 was (never mind the Commodore 64). Well, Commodore are back and they have brought with them their very own version of Linux – Commodore OS Vision. Here is how Commodore OS Vision is described on their website: Commodore OS Vision is our customized GNU/Linux distribution for Commodore ent... »

How To Try Ubuntu Online

Most people reading this article will be Ubuntu (or Linux) users and therefore don’t really need to try out Ubuntu. But if you’re anything like me then you will enjoy introducing new people to the world of Open Source and Ubuntu. If you were to say to most users “download the ISO, burn it to a CD and open a live session” they wouldn’t have a clue what you were talking... »

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