Are You A Geek Or A nerd? [Infographic]

Geek, nerd, egg head, swat and sometimes even freak. These are some of the names that us geeks regularly get called. But have you ever taken a step back and thought “am I actually a geek or a nerd?”.

Today’s infographic will dispel the myth that geeks and nerds are the same thing, as they are in fact very different. Usually I would class myself as a geek, but reading through this infogrpahic, I’m actually more of a nerd than a geek. I don’t own anything Apple and I have also used both of the quotes in the “nerd talk” section. So it’s official – Kev Quirk is a nerd!

Why not take a look and let us know in the comments section which you think you are and why…

Geek Vs Nerd Infographic

 This infographic has kindly been provided by Masters In IT.

Which are you? A geek, or a nerd?

Are You A Geek Or A nerd? [Infographic]
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