Adobe Flash removed from Play Store, but here’s a way to get it back


Adobe Flash was really, believe it or not, a major selling point to pick an Android device over a device running iOS or WP7, when it had announced back in 2010 that all devices running Android 2.2 and up would be able to support Flash. Today this is not the case, as Adobe previously announced it would no longer be supporting the platform after Android 4.0, and Google silently emphasizing it further with its Google Chrome browser shipping without Flash by default (and making it the default browser on its Nexus 7 tablet). To finish everything off, Adobe had announced in June that they would be removing the application from the Play Store by August 15th, and they sure did stick to their plans.


Many Android users were obviously disappointed with this move but there IS a way to still have access Flash on Android with a simple app developed by MoDaCo called Flash Downloader. What Flash Downloader does is it puts a shortcut on your homescreen, which when launched, downloads the Flash Player APK from Adobe’s Flash archive website for you to install unofficially (sideloading is the correct term for this). This is a great way to still keep Flash on your device if you have upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (which doesn’t have official support for Flash as listed above, so don’t expect it to be flawless).

(Instead of downloading the application, you can grab the APK straight from Adobe’s site here if you know how to sideload)

Image Credit: AndroidPolice

Adobe Flash removed from Play Store, but here’s a way to get it back
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