About Us

RefuGeeks (pronounced refugee-ks) was started back in 2010 by Kev Quirk. Originally it was a simple free blog hosted on Blogger.com and updated when ever Kev got the chance in his spare time. Over time “JingiBlog” (as it was then known) started gaining a good sized audience and Kev wanted to add better features like custom themes, contact forms, better SEO and also create a community in the form of a forum.

“JingiBlog” quickly outgrew what Blogger could provide so Kev decided to take the plunge and migrate to a fresh blog based on WordPress. Whilst creating the new site, Kev took the opportunity to re-brand “JingiBlog” as let’s be honest here, it was a pretty rubbish name! After a few months of research and hard work the first version of RefuGeeks was born.

Since then RefuGeeks has continued to grow and is now home to numerous regular authors, an awesome community of fellow RefuGeeks in online forums and of course we are still  around creating articles and maintaining all that we have to offer.

As of Late January, RefuGeeks is under new management – and the site is hoping to bring in more relevant and useful content and move away from dull and uninspired guestposts which had started becoming a bit of a staple.We now don’t take guest posts, and on the rare occasion we would, it would have to be really GOOD content.

We hope you enjoy reading the great content we have here on RefuGeeks, please feel free to send us your feedback; good or bad by using our contact page.

Here is a look at how RefuGeeks has evolved over time…