A Week With Windows 8

Windows 8 hasn’t exactly got the best rep at the moment. The general consensus amongst most IT professionals and users alike is that Windows 8 is a disaster waiting to happen. A while back I wrote a review on Windows 8, but when writing a review they tend to be more based on first impressions rather than how a system actually grows on you.

So, in the interest of fairness I have decided to give Windows 8 a fair crack of the whip. I won’t even be running Windows 8 on old hardware, but rather I will be putting a spare hard drive I have into my laptop and running it from that. This will ensure that Windows 8 really does get a fair chance.

During the week I will be running all Microsoft products rather than the Open Source counterparts I usually run. So, Ubuntu will obviously become Windows 8 and LibreOffice will become Microsoft Office 2010 (I will be using the 30 day trial as I don’t have a valid license). The only thing that I won’t be changing is Gmail – I use webmail and since this isn’t a test of MS Office but rather Windows, it seems silly to migrate my 3 emails addresses from Gmail to Outlook.

So, when I get home in the morning, I will be installing Windows 8 on my spare hard drive – come back tomorrow to see how my first day went!

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A Week With Windows 8
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