A Week With Windows 8: Day Three – A Users Perspective

So I’m a techie and somewhat of a Windows expert – so I wanted to get a ‘normal users’ point of view about how well Windows 8 works. Last night I gave this laptop to my girlfriend Jenny to work with. Whilst she was playing around, I went out for a run to ensure that she had some time alone with Windows 8.

Around 30 minutes later I come back to find a very unhappy Jenny. I asked her to take some notes whilst she was working with Windows 8, asking her to list anything she liked and disliked about Windows 8. In short, there wasn’t a single thing she liked about it. So let’s see what she thought…


Couldn’t find new tabs?

When using Internet Explorer, Jenny couldn’t work out how to create a new tab. I have already shown her how things are hidden away in each corner, so she came into this with it in her mind that things can be quite cryptic in Windows 8. Even so, she still couldn’t work it out. In the end I had to show her that she needed to move the mouse to the top of the screen and right click. At this point she could add new tabs to IE.

Her point was this though “Why would they do this? Now I have to move my mouse and click twice to add a new tab whereas before it was only one quick click – it’s stupid!”

The new right-click tab menu

Don’t know how to scroll?

I’m not really sure if this is a problem with Windows or the Synaptic pointing device drivers I have on my machine, but instead of the normal ‘scroll down the right of the touchpad’. It’s now multi-touch so we have to place two fingers side by side in order to scroll. This is very annoying as your fingers have to be in just the right position.

Like I said, this may not be anything to do with Windows 8, but I couldn’t find the settings to change it back to normal so it’s going in here.


I already knew about the hidden menu’s

I mentioned earlier that I’d already told Jenny about about the hidden menu’s like the ‘settings panel’ and start button. However, Jenny mentioned that she was finding it really annoying having to move from corner to corner all the time whilst trying to navigate around Windows 8. Jenny went on to say that she could see how it would be easier on a touch screen, but for a normal screen it’s ridiculous (her words not mine) and that she never would have guessed this without me telling her, which would have added to her frustration.


No easy way to navigate…

Not having an ‘x’ at the top of Windows or being able to simply minimize them really wasted a lot of time. Jenny said that she just couldn’t see this working in a corporate environments - “I mean, can you imagine having 100 employee’s wasting all this time trying to work out how to use this bloody thing. It would mean companies losing thousands or even millions of pounds! What the hell is going through these idiots minds!” As you can see, she was getting quite frustrated by this point – she has a point though.


In summary

Finally I asked Jenny to sum up her time with Windows 8, here is what she said (please excuse the language): “This is s**t – it’s hard to use, awkward to navigate and completely different to any other version of Windows. The whole thing is just so different – I can’t see myself getting use to this. I’d rather use a slate and chalk. Can we go back to Ubuntu now please?”

As you can see, Windows hasn’t got rave reviews from a normal user either. To be honest, I’m quite surprised by this – I thought it may have just been a case of us techies over thinking and therefore over complicating matters but it seems like that isn’t the case. I’m only three days in, but I’m really missing Ubuntu!

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A Week With Windows 8: Day Three – A Users Perspective
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  • Steven

    You have to think that people like us are very familiar with Windows and its features. Also, we’ve both heard a lot about Windows 8 as the release date get closer. Therefore, we could maybe find our way around without wasting too much time. As you can see, your girlfriend, someone viewing Windows 8 with fresh eyes and a fresh mind absolutely hated the OS.

    Such a shame.