A Week With Windows 8: Day One – Finding My Feet

Ok, so I’ve been running Windows 8 on my laptop for 24 hours now and so far I am finding it very difficult to use. I would say that my productivity has gone down by at least 50% during the last day. But as the title says – I’m still finding my feet with it, so maybe things will get easier…I hope!

So what have I been doing for the last day?

Well the main thing I’ve been doing is setting the machine up. Doing all the normal stuff like installing AV, Anti-malware, Office etc etc.  Luckily I know of a tool called Ninite, it allows you to install a whole heap of tools and applications in one go – very handy for a new build. I spend a lot of my time online, so I have been spending most of my day getting to know the new Internet Explorer – unfortunately my whole life is in LastPass and it won’t work with the new look IE, so, I’ve had to revert to the ‘normal’ IE9 via the Windows 8 desktop.

So far not so good – I’ve had to do some basic tasks like changing the language on keyboard, this would only take 5 minutes usually but the new look really hides things away. To get to control panel I had to put the cursor to the top right corner of the screen, the ‘settings ribbon’ then appears (this may not be the official name but it’s what I’m calling it) down the right of the screen. I then needed to click on the settings cog, then control panel – at this point things became familiar again. I’ve since learnt that the Control Panel option is only available when selecting the ‘settings ribbon’ from the desktop.

When doing this from the metro start menu – control panel isn’t there. This makes things even more confusing – so far we have two looks to IE and also two looks to the ‘settings ribbon’, awesome! This doesn’t sound like a lot but the time I have wasted actually working out how to get the ‘settings ribbon’ to appear is very frustrating.

At the moment it’s a little too soon to list things that I like and don’t like about Windows 8 as I’m not familiar enough with the OS yet. But early indications look like the bad list is going to be extensive – I’m keeping an open mind though!

I’ve got a lot of work to do tonight so I should have a good update for you tomorrow.

Footnote: Unfortunately my machine just decided to restart itself to install Windows updates. Luckily this is only a short post and I have auto save setup so I only lost the last couple of paragraphs but when will Microsoft learn that they can’t just reboot your machine without warning!

Unfortunately the print screen button isn’t working on my keyboard with Windows 8 and the snipping tool only works on the desktop. So, at the moment, no screen shots guys sorry. I’ve spent nearly an hour writing this post and it should have only taken 20 minutes. So I’m very frustrated and leaving it for the night now. I’ll try and sort the screenshot problem by tomorrows update.

Day Two – Performance —>

A Week With Windows 8: Day One – Finding My Feet
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  • Mike Stone

    Sounds like Windows 8 is harder on you than just using your Nexus tablet was.

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      Yeah, so far it’s proving to be a very awkward and cumbersome test.

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  • http://techeverytime.com/ Ankur

    Its no just you. Think about other people who have far less knowledge than you. Win 8 is going to trouble for lot of people.
    Although some of my friends praise it a lot after using it for a month or so.

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      You spoiled the surprise Ankur :)

      Tomorrows entry is going to be “a user perspective”. Tonight I’m going to give this laptop to my girlfirend (a normal user) and ask her to set up a user account and use the machine for an evening. It will be interesting to see how she gets on!

      • http://techeverytime.com/ Ankur

        I will be looking out for the results :)

  • shadowguy14

    Lol if you can’t use it, no one can!

  • Steven

    This is one thing that I’ve been worrying about with upgrading to Windows 8 and why I probably just won’t make the upgrade. I work online and I don’t want my productivity to suffer due to unfamiliarity with an operating system. Either way, I’m moving on to your other posts.