A Week With Windows 8: Day Five – Personalisation

In Ubuntu the possibilities for personalisation are almost limitless, one persons installation of Ubuntu may look completely different from anothers. You can change icons, fonts, themes, wallpapers, even the whole desktop environment! The options in Windows are usually a lot more restrictive – maybe that’s all changed for Windows 8…

Unfortunately not – the options in Windows 8 are at best the same, but more realistically, a lot more restrictive than previous versions of Windows. From what I can see, all I can change is the pattern at the back of Metro, the colours and also the wallpaper and colour of Window menu’s. Poor show Microsoft! Here are some examples of the little you can do with Windows 8:

As you can see, the options to personalise Windows 8 are poor at best. What about simple things like changing the colour of tiles for example? Personally, I like my OS to look different to every other one out there – that’s part of the reason why I like Linux so much. Unfortunately yet another poor result for Windows 8.

I’ve deliberately kept tonight’s post short as I will now be working on hacking Windows 8 in order to make it work for me. Come back tomorrow to see how I got on.

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A Week With Windows 8: Day Five – Personalisation
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