A week with Fedora


I’m a huge fan of trying new things and expanding my knowledge. That’s how I first got started in Linux as I was bored of Windows and wanted to learn something new.

My current OS is Elementary Luna, but it occurred to me the other day that since I’ve been apart of this amazing community, I’ve only ever used Ubuntu derivatives. This is because Ubuntu is the first name that most new users to Linux learn, and it’s what I’ve stuck with ever since. Because of this I only really know the apt package manager that Ubuntu uses, so I think it’s time to start expanding my knowledge again…

A week with Fedora

I’ve never tried Fedora, for two reasons really. The first being that I’ve never used RPM (the package manager that Fedora uses), and secondly, I’ve always said that I hate Gnome Shell. But I recently had a bash at using Ubuntu Gnome edition and I was pleasantly surprised by how far Gnome Shell had come.

So I’ve downloaded the Fedora ISO, and I’m about to backup and format my machine so that Fedora 18 is the only OS on my laptop. So join me tomorrow to see how I got on during my first day with Fedora.

Are you a Fedora user? Or do you use another OS? Tell what you’re using and why in the comments section below.

Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four | Final Day

A week with Fedora
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  • Jens Reuterberg

    Hahaha how timely. I’m right now trying to figure out how to use Opensuse’s RPM thingamagog. I think I am going mildly insane. I mean for no fault of the OS, its just I’ve never done this and it keeps asking me things I have no idea what they mean and I simply want it to install steam. Now please.

    • jdkchem

      I started with SuSE back when it was German before they were bought by Novel. The first version I bought had “Now using RPM” on the box. YAST was at that time pretty advanced at setup and management. And yes I bought the box because 8-24 hours for a network install was not going to work. Nobody had ISO’s you could download. I got a box with some floppies and I think a cd along with what was then the best manual available.

  • http://www.go2linux.org/ Guillermo Garron

    You will like it. It was the first distro I used on my Desktop. Things used to break a little bit more than with Ubuntu back in those days (2006). Maybe because Fedora is using latest versions. Of course to use latest software now I prefer Arch Linux (which also breaks from time to time) . :-)

  • xr09

    I use regularly Debian, Fedora and Kubuntu, (KDE on all 3), in stability Debian wins hands down, followed by Fedora and Ubuntu.

  • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

    Thanks for the comments guys. I’ve never actually used Debian xr09, I may do another “week with” series in the future on Debian. I may also consider one with KDE.

    So far so good, be sure to read my update tomorrow for more info. :)

  • jdkchem

    Yum is pretty good at working with RPM’s