Eight Advantages Of Laptops Over Desktops

Laptops are steadily increasing in popularity. Today’s laptop can pack as much punch as a desktop with lots of added benefits. Here are a few of them…

They’ve Put an End to Hand Cramps

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With spell check, grammar check, and affordable printers, kids today may not even know what white-out is. Those who remember hunching over a lined notebook to copy from the blackboard can fully appreciate the wonder of typing notes at an astonishing speed. The average typist can easily type 40 words a minute. Try that with a pen and paper for a few hours and you’ll rediscover the meaning of a writer’s cramp.

Gamers Can Get Some Sunlight

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Laptops bring the weak points of desktop PCs into the light. With advanced gaming laptops on the market, serious gamers can once again enjoy the feel of sunlight and a fresh breeze, all without ever looking up from the war campaign or fantasy expedition at hand.

The World Can Witness Your Next Great Novel

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Being a tortured, starving writer isn’t nearly as enticing if you’re doing it in obscurity. With a laptop, you can put on your sexy brood in the hippest coffee shops in town. Settle in for your daily session and local patrons are sure to recognize you as “that writer guy,” even if you’re never actually published.

Your Parents Can’t Drag You Away From It

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Time for a holiday weekend at Aunt Ethel’s? You don’t have to leave your friends (virtual or otherwise) far away. Chat online late into the night, keep your Sims close by, or just take that history paper along so you have a watertight excuse not to listen to Grandpa’s favorite fishing stories for the umpteenth time.

Workaholics Can Further Their Addiction


Most addictions leave you with less money, fewer opportunities, and the distinct possibility of landing on an intervention show. When you’re a workaholic, however, you’re actually richer, more successful, and notably ahead of the pack. With a laptop, you can feed your efficient addiction by taking advantage of the ability to work just about anywhere.

They’re Lean Green Machines

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Laptops use 90% less energy than desktop computers. If you’re looking to live a little greener, a convenient laptop will do the trick. Even the largest laptop is smaller and more portable than a small desktop alternative.

They Expand the Office

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If you’re sick of being confined to a drab-as-dung cubicle for eight hours a day, a laptop can completely change your surroundings. The number of telecommuters has grown 73% from 2005 to 2011. Join these ranks and start working by the pool, at the beach, or in your local McDonald’s with a laptop like the IdeaPad Notebook.

You Can Revolutionize Backpacking

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Backpacking around the world was once distinctly rugged. Laptops give you a handy alternative. Store thousands of travel books, keep all your maps wrinkle-free, and jot down your deep thoughts at the end of each day with a laptop in that backpack.

Laptops bring the world to your fingertips and make it easier than ever to work, play, study, or create anywhere you feel the urge.

About The Author

Phil Cohen is a graduate from San Diego State University, with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Public Relations. He is currently working with a computer firm in Houston, Texas. In his free time he enjoys freelance writing about technology products, as well as Scuba Diving, White Water Rafting, and taking Road Trips.

Eight Advantages Of Laptops Over Desktops
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