6 Best Apps for Wine Lovers

You might love drinking wine, but don’t know how to pair it with food. Or perhaps you’re hoping to branch out from your usual varietal’s, but feel overwhelmed with all your options. Lucky for you, there’s an app for that.

In fact, there’s an abundance of apps that’ll help you choose, pair, and better understand wine. Here are six wine apps that can turn you into an amateur sommelier.


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If you’re looking for both a discovery and archiving tool, Vivino has you covered. The Vivino database has a million different wines, allowing you to learn about wines and also read user reviews. You can take a photo of a wine label with your camera and Vivino will identify the wine.

This is a great app to bring with you when wine shopping, since you can take photos and then read reviews while you’re in the store. Vivino also integrates with Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to show off which wines you’re tasting.

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone and Android

Pair It

Do you find yourself reaching for the same bottle regardless of what you’re eating? Pair It takes the guesswork out of pairing wine and food.

Created by chef and pairing expert Bruce Riezenmen, Pair It tells you which wines and dishes are matches made in heaven. The app includes 180 wine varietals and more than 1,000 dishes; you can search for pairings based on the varietal or the dish. You can take notes on any pairings you try.

Cost: $4.99

Available on: iPhone and Android


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Part social network and part wine archive, Delectable is like Instagram for wine aficionados. You snap pictures of the wine labels on the bottle you’re drinking and the app identifies the wine. You can then post a photo of the wine for your followers to see and also give a rating to the wine. Since you’ll have a photo collection of wine labels, you can also use this app as a personal wine archive for keeping track of wines you’ve tried.

Probably the neatest feature of this app is the user base. You can follow famous chefs, sommeliers, and other stars of the wine world to see what they’re drinking.

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone

Hello Vino

If you often find yourself feeling clueless in the wine aisle, Hello Vino can help you pick the right bottle right from your T-Mobile dual core Android phone. You may not even need to venture out for wine since Hello Vino lets you purchase certain wines directly through it.

The app asks you questions and then gives recommendations based on the occasion or your taste preferences. Once you choose a bottle, scan the wine label to see tasting notes and ratings. This app prides itself on not being pretentious, so you may find this one more approachable than other wine apps.

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone and Android


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Unfortunately, liquid calories quickly add up when you’re drinking wine. Find out how many calories are in a certain wine varietal using DrinkFit, which also supplies nutritional information for liquor, beer, and cocktails.

The app doesn’t contain nutrition info for specific wine brands, just the varietals, so you can only expect to know ballpark figures. But still, DrinkFit’s handy consumption tracker lets you estimate how many calories you’re taking in with each drink.

Cost: $1.99

Available on: iPhone and Android


Cheese and wine were meant to be together. So, while this isn’t a wine-focused app, it’s useful for anyone wanting to learn more about cheeses and how to pair them with wine.

Search or browse the library containing hundreds of cheese types. Each listing includes information about the cheese history, flavor profile, pairing suggestions, and photos. You can also rate cheeses and mark favorites.

Cost: $1.99

Available on: iPhone

Wine to the untrained palate is good enough, but expanding your knowledge can make your wine drinking experience even richer. These apps can help you better enjoy wine and also make smarter pairing and purchasing decisions.

6 Best Apps for Wine Lovers
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