5 Ways the Internet is Killing Cable

In the current economy, people are doing everything they can to save some extra cash. They’ll cut coupons and buy in bulk, but few rarely consider the massive financial benefits of finding alternative methods of watching TV and movies. If you have a solid Internet connection, cable quickly becomes totally obsolete.

Your Gaming Console: Plays More Than Just Games

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If you’re eager to cut the cord on your cable subscription, start looking at Internet satellite plans instead. Odds are you have a Wii or a Wii U, an Xbox, or a PlayStation 3, right? If so, your gaming platform is the only thing you need to see all your favorite shows and any new movies. Get an affordable monthly subscription to Netflix or Hulu, because your console lets you stream right to your television. In many cases, you can also use your console’s browser to connect to the websites for your favorite networks and view shows from there too.

Computers: Access to Endless Entertainment

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Do you have a laptop? Spend a few bucks on an HDMI cable and you can easily hook up right to your TV. That also gives you access to any streaming accounts you have, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Browsing TV shows right from their network’s pages is even easier with this option. It’s also easy to view any shows or movies you have in iTunes or Google Play. If you’d rather use your tablet, all you need is a small adapter. With that, you can also hook up to your TV with an HDMI cable.

Apple TV: Any time Movie and Show Entertainment

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iTunes is also accessible through an Apple TV. As a matter of fact, you need an iTunes account to use this option, and then it’s effortless. You’ll also have access to Netflix and Hulu Plus, which means you’ll basically have access to all the latest shows and movies at a moment’s notice. That includes being able to see the newest blockbusters as well as the most recent episodes of your favorite series. As long as you’ve got a great Internet connection, you’re golden.

Google TV: Unmatched Accessibility With All of Your Accounts 

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Google TV is a fantastic invention. It syncs TV with the Internet. There are apps you can quickly and easily download to reach the most popular networks. Since you can also integrate your Hulu and Netflix accounts, you’ll have the latest movies right at your fingertips. Because it’s a Google product, it lets you browse the Internet through your television as well.

Any Streaming Device: Brings Entertainment to You At Your Convenience

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There are also plenty of affordable streaming devices made specifically for subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu. They make cable unnecessary. If you’re willing to wait for updates to see the latest episodes of your favorite shows, a streaming box is a fantastic option. You might also decide to equip additional TVs throughout the house with a streaming box, and use one of the other options on your home’s main television set.

Cable isn’t the only option any more, not in the face of a fast Internet connection. Have you cut cable out of your life yet?

5 Ways the Internet is Killing Cable
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  • shadowguy14

    Living in a rural area, it’s difficult to find great internet cheaply, and saying that, my parents refuse to cut the cable. My mom because she doesn’t understand, dad and his football!

  • jdkchem

    There is no satellite plan that is compatible with streaming movies. With the most expensive plan you get 40GB/month. Once you’ve hit your cap they drop your speed to something only slightly better than dial up.